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KiwiDude Reviews the German Typ III EPa

In this rather lengthy review of the German military’s issue 24-hour ration, the EinmannPackung or EPa, KiwiDude butchers the German language but has a pretty good time going through the various components. I’ve had EPas over the years and I can say that they make for a great break from the standard MRE lineup.

Check out his other videos. He looks at some very cool international combat rations.



8 Responses to “KiwiDude Reviews the German Typ III EPa”

  1. Felix says:

    Always preffered to get MREs when deployed with US Troops.

    EPAs get very boring over the time, they introduced some New variants in 2009 to get more variation. But theres also a Squad Level EPA that was very well liked by our US comrades.

  2. donaldcrunk says:

    I’ve been following this guy for a bit, i love his videos. Strangely fascinating to watch – especially his reviews of the dark brown bag MRE from 1983 and 1994. Who doesn’t want to see what MRE cheese spread looks like after 31 years? the smell almost came through the screen…

  3. BillC says:

    Made me think of the times we’d snag the British MREs, cannot recall their official name. They didn’t have too many variants but it was a break from MREs and the First Strike rations.

    • Jim says:

      ORPs, operational ration packs, MCR multi climate rations aka rat packs, one man rat packs or 24hr rat pack…newer version

      • BillC says:

        Yup, looked it up. It is indeed the 12hr ORP.

        • Jim says:

          The 12 hour ORP is a patrol rat pack type of thing and designed as ‘snack’ pack to stop you having to take various bits from your MCR out on patrol with you….

  4. Matthew says:

    “Ah, bread. Haha!”

    That was pretty good stuff, both from an entertainment point of view, and from a food point of view. It actually looked quite tasty. I do wish he’d looked up some of the words though, or just thought about them harder. Why would there be four packets of salt?! It’s obviously sugar! However, I’m sure it’d be a very bland video if he just read out what everything was without the surprise of opening it all.

  5. Vince says:

    I liked the rabbit stew in the french rations. And, anything is a welcomed break from MRE’s, especially after eating them for weeks on end!