Oneiros Valley – Scorpion W2 Practical Admin Pouch (PAP) Pre-Order


Phoenix, AZ – Oneiros Valley will be manufacturing a limited number of Practical Admin Pouches (PAPs) in authentic Operational Camouflage Pattern (Scorpion W2) 500D nylon. The PAP is a compact admin pouch that features numerous organizational loops and pockets, a tourniquet holder and a removable map insert. Pre-order is now open with delivery in October.


Made in the USA with domestic materials.



17 Responses to “Oneiros Valley – Scorpion W2 Practical Admin Pouch (PAP) Pre-Order”

  1. Ray says:

    The link is broke. Here is the link to the pouch though

  2. steave says:

    Malice clips no good

    • GW says:

      What’s the beef with Malice clips?

      • Eddie says:

        Aside from being a complete bitch to get on and off, along with having the fear of bending and breaking them each time you do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Molly Stix Ftw 😛

        • GW says:

          Eddie, have you ever broken one? If you have, I would love to hear about it and the application that it was used for. The newer version will be a bit easier to weave and rounded to make it easier on some people fingers.

          • Eddie says:

            I said the fear, and by breaking I meant permanent bending. But that sounds like very good news, they aren’t essentially horrible, just impractical.

  3. Scubasteve says:

    Hold on sec… I thought the pattern was for government use only

  4. steve says:

    Yes US Govt only as is the AOR 1 material on the OC earpro covers. What SSDs take on this??

  5. WagenCAV says:

    When cut and sewn into a pouch, Scorpion OCP looks exactly like most of the MC OCP pouches that I’ve already been issued. This bodes well for those of us that want the Army to allow us continued use of MultiCam.