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Heckler & Koch – New Products For SHOT Show 2015

For SHOT Show 2015, H&K is debuting several new products: the MR556A1 Competition Rifle, the USP9 Tactical pistol, and new color variants of the HK45 and HK45 Compact.

MR556A1 Competition Rifle

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MR556A1 Competition Rifle pdf

USP9 Tactical

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USP9 Tactical Product Sheet

HK45 Color Variants

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HK45 Color Frames Product Sheet


17 Responses to “Heckler & Koch – New Products For SHOT Show 2015”

  1. zach says:

    What is the word on the G36/293 being at shot and in general?

  2. LCSO264 says:

    Cool stuff, now I kinda wish I’d waited and bought one of the all OD Green HK45 Tac’s, I have one of the OD frame/black slide versions.

    As for the USP, I would have rather seen a P30Ls Tac, but that is just me?

    I like the new version of the rifle, just not the price taag associated….

    • Mountain Monkey says:

      These were released late Fall of 2014 and many received the $200 rebate on them as they took delivery before 12-31-14

  3. Snake says:

    None of that stuff is new though…

  4. Jon says:

    Aw man… I was hoping for a VP45. Knowing HK, it’ll be available in 3 years or so.

  5. PNW_Tree_Octopus says:

    HK needs to bring back the Custom Combat line, or a least do a limited run.

  6. Brian says:

    I saw the HK45 color variants at the store. Sand is more like “baby poop” as one buddy put it.
    They already have a USP9 Tactical, how’s that new? Do their marketing people actually look at their web site?

    • Default.mp3 says:

      The new USP Tactical 9mm differs from the old USP-SD 9mm in three ways: the roll mark (it now says USP TACTICAL rather than just USP), an o-ring for the barrel (with matching cuts for it, of course) for improved slide-barrel lockup, and the match trigger with the overstop screw. Basically brings it up to par with the USP Tactical .45 and .40.

    • Adrion says:

      the 9mm was a SD, not a tactical. no o ring on the barrel and standard trigger, not the match trigger.

    • Mountain Monkey says:

      USPT9 is in fact new. Unlike the SD, the actual tactical is branded tactical on the slide and includes the match trigger. There may be another or few other advancements as well.

  7. TCBA_Joe says:

    No additions to the VP line and no work on American made G36s and HK416s.

    Adding “Tactical” to the slide is not new.

  8. xc986308 says:

    Where are you my baby p30sk?

  9. LCSO264 says:

    HK typipically/historically hasn’t really unveiled new products at SHOT. I have no idea why, but they don’t. the VP9 was unveiled later in the year, I don’t think it was in conjuction with a major expo (I could be wrong on that).

    I will say, I had expected to see the rumored P30sk however, as some have already seen/handled at least a prototype version? An sk version of the P30 and the VP9 would have been cool. However, I would have really liked to have seen a VP45, although I knew that was not in the stars for this year.

    Already have “American made 416’s,” it’s called the MR556A1 (the other versions now trickling out). I would like to see “American made” OEM 416 replacement barrels however. Sure there are other manufacturer’s 416 barrels now available, but they are not OEM. German firearm manufacturer’s laws are ridiculous, I’m not even sure they can be explained in a manner that makes sense to us (in US), and we think US (ATF/Immigration) laws/rulings are BS.