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S.O.TECH Announces The Speed Clip Thigh Rig Quick Attachment System Generation II

S.O.TECH has announced the Speed Clip Thigh Rig Quick Attachment System Gen II, as well as the developement of a taser holster and IFAK pouch, with the LAPD and LASD. The full release can be read below:

Speed Clip Thigh Rig Quick Attachment System Gen II

SOTech is proud to announce the debut of it’s Speed Clip Thigh Rig Quick Attachment System (Generation 2)(US patented). We are also proud to announce our development of a Taser Holster and Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) pouch with LAPD and LASD. The “Los Angeles Speed Clip” development resulted in agency-wide purchases by LAPD and LASD of Taser holsters and IFAK pouches across Los Angeles.

· Both agencies worked together in an effort to standardize their gear according to common requirements.

· Additional pouches including rifle magazine pouches are in use by these departments on the same platform.

· What is unique about SOTech’s Speed Clip configuration is that it can be quickly mounted on a thigh, duty belt, or MOLLE-compatible vest. SOTech recognizes the need for patrol officers to be light and nimble, while quickly Speed Clipping-on situation-dependent gear, like Tasers, rifle magazines and IFAKs.

· SOTech is also developing a third level of “Suit Up Gear” including vests and packs for deliberate preparation events such as civil disobedience control and warrant service.

· SOTech designed these pouches to be professional looking and compact keeping in mind they are in the public’s view.

· SOTech also has Speed Clip rigs for plain clothes agents and detectives, fire suppression, riot control, terrorism response, radios, and gas masks.

· SOTech began development of it’s Speed Clip line in 1997 as one of it’s first products. After decades of refinement on the streets of Los Angeles, we are proud to have been approached by two of the world’s most progressive law enforcement departments to create Generation II.

SOTech will be debuting Speed Clip Generation II at SHOT Show in Booth 20113. Learn more at or by contacting us at info@specopstech.


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