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SHOT Show – Team Wendy

I’ve been following the development of TW’s EXFIL SAR helmets since last Summer and I’ve got to say that I’m impressed with the end product. Available in Tactical and Backcountry models, they meet a variety of standards including European climbing GD and mountaineering as well as white water and US Army ACH blunt impact. They also meet European Industry impact standard. This is Ron Szalkowski, director of product development at TeM Wendy with the range of new EXFIL SAR helmets.


This is pretty sexy. TW is working on a fabric appliqué that will provide camouflage and scratch protection for the EXFIL helmets.



6 Responses to “SHOT Show – Team Wendy”

  1. Taylor says:

    Is that fabric one piece or several?

  2. Doc K says:

    What advantage does the appliqué have over a helmet cover?

    • Doc Steel says:

      The advantage is it fits over this helmet

      • Doc K says:

        TW already sells covers that fit and I’m sure other companies will make them too if TW won a helmet contract. I would think you would want to have a protective layer that was easy to replace if it was damaged. It’s point is to be sacrificial.

    • HDGust says:

      Price. Could likely get multiple patterns for less than the price of a single sewn cover this way.

  3. AGL Bob says:

    Nice helmet. I’d like to see an ANSI rating for rescue / work at height.