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SHOT Show – Blue Force Gear


Blue Force Gear has introduced the Micro DAP (Denied Area Pattern) pack. Inspired by outdoor day packs, this will come in at about $125 with first quarter delivery.

The back is padded with an HDPE insert. It also features padded shoulder straps, comms/hydration pass through and a full interior Velcro field for the new line of Dappers.



11 Responses to “SHOT Show – Blue Force Gear”

  1. The laser cut patch on that pack was made by our friends over at . Good to see the DAP packs back at BFG I know a few people who will be excited for these.

  2. Erik says:

    Glad to see they brought it back. I used to have the original dap pack; regret giving it to a buddy these days

  3. Mike D says:

    Hopefully they will bring back their DAP style rifle cases. I was able to snag one when they were clearing them out, I love the way the entire interior of these packs and bags are lined with loop velcro. Completely customizable!

  4. India Alpha Zero One says:

    What is the size difference between the DAP pack and the Vertx Gamut Plus?

  5. Zach says:

    Needz moar BFG goodness

  6. Dog Off Leash says:

    The original DAP packs is one of my favorite packs. I’m glad to see they’re making a comeback along with the Dappers.

  7. Ace says:

    This looks like it would make for a great medical bag to keep in the truck.
    Boo-boo items in the outer pouch, more serious gear inside.

  8. I still have my DAP in tan its a great size for EDC. Its nice to see them coming out with new colours and more dappers.

  9. Craig says:

    I still have 2 of the original micro’s, and a vulcan. I am beyond happy to see them back, and with new dappers.

    Tried to get some dappers for my micro the other day, and there were only 1 type left. The guy said to wait until end of month,and they would be back-redesigned,with some other “goodies”. I was counting the days and checking the website daily.

    I will be “donating” more of my money to BFG soon. :-)