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Vigilant Security Services – Weapon Manuals Available In Print And eBook Formats


Vigilant Security Services is now offering Erik Lawrence’s line of Weapon Operation Guides in both eBook and print formats. Designed for Special Operation Teams, these guides cover the full background and function of a variety of foreign and issue weapon systems that might be used or encountered in the field. Roughly 30 guides are available now, with the list constantly updating.


6 Responses to “Vigilant Security Services – Weapon Manuals Available In Print And eBook Formats”

  1. defensor fortismo says:

    First page of the MP5 manual, “you suck and we hate you “

    • seans says:

      Cause no one remembers HK actually cares more about the 2nd Amendment than Bill Ruger did.

      • diggler says:

        H&K forces the US to have all their arbitrary import laws, duh. Everything is H&K’s fault.

  2. Tim says:

    How is the MP5 a Soviet Bloc Weapon?

    • The original front cover image did feature a typo stating the MP5 is a Soviet Bloc weapon, and was the one we pulled for the article. However, we did alert VSS and they did fix it. The revised cover has been uploaded to their site, and we’ve replaced the image in the article to reflect this change.

  3. bulldog76 says:

    no 1911 manual me sad :(