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World Premiere – ZEV Technologies Professional Series – Episode 2 Featuring KC Eusebio

This series of videos by ZEV Technologies showcases their professional series of firearms. The story behind the scenes is just as cool as the action. In this second episode, we get to see pro shooter KC Eusebio do his thing.

In early 2014, ZEV Technologies partnered with one of the industry’s most reputable production houses, Brain Farm, during the ZEV PRC event – hosted by Deliberate Dynamics.

Through the course of this event, Brain Farm and ZEV captured the perfection that ZEV provides to its customers every day with its products; this video features professional shooter, KC Eusebio running his ZEV built competition pistol.

The partnership between ZEV and Brain Farm is now coming to light – with the release of a series of videos captured during that time. The videos highlight ZEV’s top tier products, and Brain Farm’s incredible visual effects and cinematography.

Stay tuned to this video series through ZEV and Brain Farm’s social media and website.



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14 Responses to “World Premiere – ZEV Technologies Professional Series – Episode 2 Featuring KC Eusebio”

  1. ODG says:

    Home town crew killing it, great video!

  2. SGT Rock says:

    He may shoot great w/all that Gucci Gear/Pimp My Ride attachments, but what about when it comes down to a stripped stock weapon? Just sayin’.

  3. mike says:


    Great performance and killer filming! That was really fun to watch.

  4. FLC says:

    I loose points for reloading with out COVER in IDPA.
    but that looks fun..

  5. Bill says:

    I’m more impressed with the camera work and production. Moving that fast with a stabilizing rig isn’t that easy, though some may have been a slider on rails. And no drone or camera guy shadows while keeping great lighting.

    Shooting shooting can be just as hard as shooting. And making it look good isn’t easy.

    • Matthew says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. I’d be interested to know what camera and rig was used for this, as it was beautifully shot.

  6. MThomas says:

    Nice work.
    That’s some fast moving and shooting.