Rampart International Range Day and Expo

Today, SSD is reporting from the Rampart International Range Day and Expo just outside of Ottawa, Canada. Participants from across Canada will have hands on access to the latest small arms and equipment.


5 Responses to “Rampart International Range Day and Expo”

  1. Was wondering what you were doing in Canada.

  2. Chausser1814 says:

    Since much of Canada’s tactical industry must be at this function, could SSD possibly inquire on what is happening with the products designed and produced by Drop Zone Tactical? I know DZT is out of business but they did manufacture some nice items. Has anyone in Canada obtained rights to those items and are there any plans to make those available in marketplace in the future? Thank you sir for checking this out if possible.

  3. bluenoser says:

    Hey Eric, what did you think of Ottawa?

    Welcome to dear Canada.