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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Partner Series – Phokus Research Group

Once again, the Friday Focus serves to introduce one of FirstSpear’s OEM partners. This time, it’s San Diego, California-based Phokus Research Group.

Why/How was Phokus Research Group started?

Founded in 2008. Phokus Research Group identified a need for Military Inventor Support. Our mission is to find Inventors for the purpose of protecting, developing and commercializing their innovations.


How did the relationship between FS and Phokus begin?

Turns out team members from both companies share similar backgrounds. Dave Kent of FirstSpear offered to design our first pouch at SOMA in 2013. His efforts have made the biggest impact on this partnership.


Why did you ultimately choose FS?

FirstSpear has always been a solid company within the industry. Innovative approaches to nylon, quality craftsmanship, and professionalism as a company is why we use FirstSpear.


What drove development of the war fighter bundle?

Our customers requested a system that allowed Trauma Kits to be carried in any situation. Today’s warfighters are called upon to serve in various capacities. Whether on the FOB, assigned to a security detail, or on patrol, the Warfighter Bundle ensures your medical gear is always at the ready. The Warfighter Bundle V1 is comprised of our three top selling kits, two FirstSpear pouches and a C-A-T tourniquet.


How has your experience been thus far working with FirstSpear design and production, even customer service?

FirstSpear exceeds the standards across the board. Working with their designers is seamless, production quality is great, and customer service is always on top of things.

Anything new coming up between Phokus and FS?

Our newest collaboration with FirstSpear is currently in design. Should be ready for release in July-Aug 2015.



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4 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Partner Series – Phokus Research Group”

  1. Pierre says:

    I don’t understand, can someone explain why to have your IFAK inside of your vest?

    • Not having it hanging off your kit? It’s a big item, regardless of where you sourced it.

      It is still accessible easily, at least on most modern PCs, of course if it doesn’t work for your kit or kung-fu…

    • The FAK is just about always usable, no matter how the casualty was injured and it is a very standardized, easy to find, location.

  2. Darrel says:

    I absolutely love FirstSpear. Always pushing the borders and really engineering completely new solutions.

    You don’t need a backer if you are using ceramic SAPI plates. A compressed and compacted IFAK is an absolutely brilliant idea. I like their lumbar IFAK as well, which seems like a much better solution than LBT 9022 designs.