Inglorious Amateurs – IA COG V2 T-Shirt


Due to popular demand, Inglorious Amateurs is releasing a revised release of their very first offering, the COG t-shirt, with the COG V2. Screened on a 60/40 cotton/poly black shirt, the COG V2 design features the iconic unit insignia used by allied combined operations command forces and OSS officers in the 3rd Contingent Operational Group; the insignia includes an eagle for airborne forces, a Thompson machine gun for ground forces, and an anchor for maritime forces.

Available in sizes SM – 2XL.



IA is also offering a limited run of printed posters featuring the COG V2 design. They come sized 18” x 24”, printed using extra fine grade materials and inks.


In addition to the COG V2 products, IA has also released their first morale patch. The HVT Leather patch is inspired by the CIA’s CTC “Terrorist Buster” patch. The design features an updated HVT hoisting an AK with the familiar circle/cross and the Inglorious Amateurs name. The patch is laser engraved in leather, and features hook backing. Limited to just 50 pieces, so get yours while you can.


9 Responses to “Inglorious Amateurs – IA COG V2 T-Shirt”

  1. chris says:

    Wow, if your a brit you’ll recognise that task force badge as just meaning you were a Bastion fobbit! all the logistics remfs wore that.

  2. Quixotal says:

    Well the insignia predates Bastion by over 50 years….it has quite a history.

  3. Casey says:

    It is also currently the 1st engineer brigade patch

    • Quiotal says:

      Its been the Engineer Special Brigades insignia since WWII as well. It has a varied history that is at the root of a lot of “special” folks. IMO, that’s what makes it such a unique symbol.

  4. bulldog76 says:

    the real og’s of sf…..see what i did there LOL

  5. bulldog76 says:

    wow already out of stock !

  6. Quixotal says:

    The prints sold quite fast. Patches and shirts still available, and more prints on the way. Thanks for the interest!