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First Tactical – Tactix Series Pouches

Last week I attended a media event in Phoenix with First Tactical. Although they kicked off the brand with gloves over the summer, it continues to grow and now includes load carriage. I was surprised to see that the had already begun to offer pouches. The quality of the production samples I examined is high and incorporates several interesting features.


First off, the line of Tactix pouches is designed for use with First Tactical’s Lynx laser cut platform, but they are also PALS compatible. As you can see, the vertical straps are 3/4″ rather than the standard 1″ and weave through laser cut slots.

Additionally, they use a Duraflex buckle which grips on the horizontal bar to keep them in place rather than the snaps or tick seen with other systems.


You may also notice that the zippered opening angles slightly forward.

All of the Tactix pouches I saw were padded, but the padding was removable and held in place with hook and pile tape. Once the padded insert is removed, there is access to a hung mesh pocket along the back wall of the pouch.

Obviously, the padded insert is not only removable but also reversible. One side is the same color as the pouch and the other is a high visibility Yellow.

So far, First Tactical has released 9×6, 6×10, 6×6 and 3×6 zippered utility pouches as well as Medium and Large media pouches, eyewear pouch and 1.5 l water bottle pouch.  The front offers three strips of pile tape so you can place identifiers on the pouch.

Made from 500D texturized nylon, pouches are offered in Black, Coyote and OD Green.


3 Responses to “First Tactical – Tactix Series Pouches”

  1. Dellis says:

    The neon interior color is kinda cool, I take it for signaling eh?

    I am trying to rig some type of pouches in my trucks center console and keep it from being such a disorganized mess, ya know hold a extra magazine or two, flashlight, pen….etc.

    These may work out well

  2. Dellis says:

    Ah…thanks for the clarification.