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Ares Armor Announces Corporate Name Change To American Weapons Components, Inc.

Ares Armor Announces Corporate Name Change to American Weapons Components, Inc.

New Name Realigns the Brand with its Core Business and Reflects a Proud Commitment to U.S. Manufacturing

OCEANSIDE, Calif. – December 16, 2015 – Ares Armor today announced a corporate name change to American Weapons Components, Inc. (AWC). The new name realigns the brand with its core business of providing high quality gun parts and accessories to firearms enthusiasts nationwide, while emphasizing the company’s long-standing commitment to U.S. manufacturing. The name change is effective immediately and will be implemented across all products and brand platforms by early 2016.

“The new name, American Weapons Components, ideally represents where we came from and the future that we envision,” said Bryce Stirlen, president and CEO, American Weapons Components, Inc. “We are more committed than ever to protecting and preserving the Second Amendment, which is the driving force behind everything we do. AWC has carved out a market niche providing firearms enthusiasts with superior components that represent the highest quality and value for their custom builds. American-made products are also very important to our customers, so it’s a source of great pride to convey our dedication to U.S. manufacturing in our new name.”

AWC’s research, development and manufacturing departments are located in its San Diego County headquarters, enabling faster innovation and adherence to strict quality standards. The company will continue to specialize in rifle and pistol components, including 80% lower receivers, barrels, compensators, jigs, rails, rifle kits, safety selectors, stocks, upper receivers and more. The company will also continue offering made-to-order nylon tactical gear that is individually hand sewn in-house, including chest rigs, combat packs, plate carriers, pouches, rifle bags, rucks and more.

The name change is part of a recently announced corporate restructuring that will refocus resources and simplify business processes to support the company’s core firearms components business and yield improved efficiencies in customer service. The restructuring is expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2016.

About American Weapons Components, Inc.

American Weapons Components (AWC) provides high quality firearms parts and accessories for those dedicated to the craft of custom-built firearms. AWC is proud to be a one-stop source for shooters nationwide, offering the widest selection of components for AR and 1911 builds, as well as custom nylon tactical gear. Headquartered in San Diego County, California, AWC is proud to develop and manufacture 100% of its products in the USA.

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11 Responses to “Ares Armor Announces Corporate Name Change To American Weapons Components, Inc.”

  1. mike says:

    Well cool, now Dimitri doesn’t have to watch while douchebags shit all over the name he built.

    • Kerbert says:

      Sorry but Dimitri shit on his own brand name and company. I think the term is “full retard” or “full tin foil”

      At the end of the day they have a business to run and his antics impede on the success of the business.

      Pro tip: don’t bring in investors (the people funding you), act crazy and then be surprised when they kick you out.

  2. jbgleason says:

    Well how does AWC (silencers) feel about this?

    Given that AWC has been around since the 90’s that seems kind of messed up.

    • Kerbert says:

      Or Arizona Western College founded in 1963… -_-

      I think as long as the name is different the initials shouldn’t matter.

      • T says:

        Scaled down branding. Kinda tough to put your whole name on a shirt, or show banner, or whatnot. A different logo will fix that issue though.

  3. GreenTip556 says:

    Obviously trying to divorce themselves from the ill will their split with Dimitri caused them. Why re-brand a well-known company, especially one with a large, pro 2nd Amendment customer base if not to shy away from recent events?

  4. StormFuror says:

    My buddy works at Ares… Err AWC. He says the company is going downhill even more and is horrible to work for now. Before an employee quit they ordered a crapload of 7.62×51 SBR uppers to be added to Ares’ stock. So if you ever see or saw those kind of uppers on a huge sale you know why, lol. I know the demand for SBR’d 7.62×51 uppers is not that demanding.

    • tazman66gt says:

      There’s always someone who knows someone who works somewhere who tells their friend that the product is crap. If you want to tell crap because you don’t like the company at least be adult enough to say you don’t like the company instead of this kind of horseshit.

      • StormFuror says:

        I don’t have any of their gear so I have no opinion on it. Thought people would like an insight since I personally know a person who works there. It’s not any kind of horseshit. Just what he has told me… good grief.

  5. I used to speak to Dmitri off and on over the phone. I was happy to spend money at this company at the time.

    Since he left I haven’t had much interest in the company. I doubt the name change will make me interested either.

  6. 20$ says:

    I remember walking into the shop when Dmitri and Aaron were just kickin’ it at the counter, selling gear they made and believed in. They helped me start my company and are both excellent dudes! They blew-up with the 80% fad and never quite recovered, the company name is irrelevant, bottom line there has to be a person behind the scenes demanding excellence or its a fast trip down. So I guess we will see what the new guy is made of, best of luck.