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QuickTop Shelters Is Now BivX Tents

Using technology developed for CBRNE Decon shelters, BivX Tents are manufactured just outside of DC by a Government contractor.  Originally, they began to sell pop-up wall-less versions of their shelters.  Now, they’ve taken the extra step to rebrand and offer full shelters with end walls and side doors.  These go right up, using an expandable frame.  Don’t forget, they are available in several color options as well as customized printing for logos. Due to their ease of use and durability, I fully expect to see these start to show up at trade shows this year.  




2 Responses to “QuickTop Shelters Is Now BivX Tents”

  1. Philip says:

    I honestly thought this was a news release for some AAFES-branded tent line. I’ve never heard of QuickTop before… and I will admit the BivX logo caught my eye first.