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New Picatinny IZLID Mount from BE Meyers

This is BE Meyers’ new offset mount for the IZLID Ultra and 200P lasers. This one is in the white, but it gives you a good perspective of how close it gets to the rail to make it less of a snag hazard. The 200P and Izlid Ultra are amazing for long range shooting at night. The 200P at 200mw is a nice compact package that will illuminate to around 800 meters and the Ultra at 1K mw will push that laser out even farther. Great option for long range sniping with all the .300 win mags and .338 lapua’s out there.

BE Meyers is at booth #20361.


4 Responses to “New Picatinny IZLID Mount from BE Meyers”

  1. pbr549xxx says:

    I know that my FOs would have loved this!

  2. EODFish says:

    Gives new meaning to “Do not point your rifle at anything you do not intend to destroy.”

  3. Adrian says:

    What rail is that??? Looks crazy