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CORDURA Brand – Less Suck Campaign

At SHOT Show, I started to see the Less Suck campaign from Cordura Brand show up.  What do you think? 



9 Responses to “CORDURA Brand – Less Suck Campaign”

  1. BillC says:

    I didn’t know Cordura needed an ad campaign targeted at the end user? Like BASF.

  2. BS says:

    Maybe because some guys on the ground are not familiar with difference between quality fabrics and some standard nylons?

    • Aims says:

      This. If they can key more people in on the difference between materials then they might seek out gear made of their product. The large majority of joes are not well informed in this regard. Almost all just use what is issued and never think about what is or isn’t better than what they have.

      The campaign is a good idea, and the “suck less” is something we can all identify with.

      • Jon Meyer says:

        This plus the fact that joe is a cheap f*ck and will go to the local surplus, quantico, or aafes mall ninja shop and buy asian junk made out of polyester and turns purple after exposure to uv/sun light and attempt to validate his purchases with the platoon gear whore who tried to educate him better because it did not fall apart on the last land nav course.

        • Haji says:

          There is some crap gear on the market that’s tagged as being made of Cordura, and it probably is. The thing is that the thread they use isn’t the industry standard TEX 70 nylon and that’s where they always come apart.

  3. Kord says:

    Well I don’t really find it surprising with all of the new materials being used. Informing end users of their past use in products and supporting current and new manufactures makes since to me.

  4. Jon, OPT says:

    I like, but the fact is when people who shop based solely on price and appearance go to drop dollars, they just want their tactical crap and don’t care about the details.

    This is like trying to sell US mountain air to a guy who only shops in Shanghai’s smog.