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Tritensil is a Veteran owned company. It’s also the name of their product which combines knife, fork and spoon into a two-piece set. The Tritensil was inspired by 25 years of wildland firefighting and military experience. First off, it’s made from Nylon 66 which is both lightweight and strong.

The innovative interlocking handle design provides a nesting configuration for compact storage without the need of special clips, bands or cases. Not only are the fork tines protected from damage while nesting inside the spoon bowl but the storage configuration keeps the two Tritensil pieces snuggly secured to each other minimizing the chance of loss and unwanted noise. The interlocking design also allows the Tritensil to be configured into an extended Spork almost doubling the overall useable length for those times you may find yourself eating out of a pouch.


One Response to “Tritensil”

  1. JonP says:

    This is a fantastic product that should be packed in any bag, whether you are operating overseas, working a fire line, or just an avid hunter or camper. The fact that you can eat out of an mre without getting your hands dirty trying to scrape out that last bite is invaluable. This is a simple tool that is often overlooked when packing your bag, yet offers just a little bit of relief on those days when your hot, tired, and hungry and finally get to dig into some food.