TYR Tactical – Tactical Uniform Belt, G-Hook Variant

During last week’s Warrior West Range Day, I got a chance to check out TYR Tactical’s mobile showroom.  I was kind of like Yoda going through Luke’s gear on Degobah and I ran across this new belt.  The Tactical Unifom Belt is a low profile design, meant for keeping your pants up.  Made from padded softshell material, this variant incorporates a G-hook closure at the front.  It’s easy to adjust and get through your belt loops.



4 Responses to “TYR Tactical – Tactical Uniform Belt, G-Hook Variant”

  1. BAP45 says:

    Did you make sure to include the backwards talking?

  2. BravoMike says:

    A nice looking belt, that is.

  3. Brandon says:


  4. tcba_joe says:

    Any details on availability?