Massif Rocks!

Max Velocity Tactical – 556 Patrol Rig


5.56 (.223) magazine pouches x 6.
Low profile fit with the 6 x magazine pouches close to the body.

Each magazine pouch is supplied with a Kydex insert which both secures the magazine and allows for fast reloads.

3 rows of MOLLE across the rig for maximum versatility.

‘Tuck tab’ design of the admin pouches (sold separately), providing secure closed-top pouches that can be accessed with complete silence – no velcro, buckle, or snap noise

4 adjustable points for a “perfect fit” for almost any body type / shape.

H-harness design with “vertical” MOLLE – providing comfort to be worn by itself, or with a backpack.

H-Harness is supplied with MOLLE to make the rig hydration carrier compatible.

Rear pouch for orienteering style compass.

1000D Cordura.

Available in Coyote Brown or Multicam.



5 Responses to “Max Velocity Tactical – 556 Patrol Rig”

  1. Sierra Charlie says:

    Curious if anyone else had Kydex deform on them while laying prone mid day in Iraq/Afghan? I like the retention they offer, but have been dubious ever since…

    P.S. WB on task SSD.

    • jkifer says:

      Ya, I’ve heard of other Agents working in the SW CONUS talk about their kydex holsters lose some of their shape. I never had it happen however.

      • Sierra Charlie says:

        Glad to hear that I’m not the only one. I’ve not heard similar complaints from anyone else in my Regt.

        I was given a TYR Happy Mag sample. Been heating it up and placing a load on it and not found it to be an issue. My previous equipment might have been made from a bad batch of Kydex…

    • HK says:

      Not mentioned: “Another feature we have added is antennae loops on the bottom of the rig. By using a flexible antennae extension, you can route the antennae(s) down and under the rig. This is especially important for team leaders with dual comms. Keeps that antennae from interfering with your rifle stock. My buddy and I have run our UV-8D’s with this system and it works great. Any similar small team radio will work just as well.”