ADS Offers NVG Upgrades from L3

USAF Security Forces Select Massif For Non-FR Combat Shirt

Earlier this week, the USAF’s Security Forces Center awarded Samtech dba Massif $6,659,305.01 to provide non-FR Combat Shirts for all SF. It’s a Digital Tigerstripe variant of a combat shirt but non-FR for home station wear with body armor.

This photo is of a version procured under an earlier contract.

UPDATED – This is a photo of the actual Massif design.


16 Responses to “USAF Security Forces Select Massif For Non-FR Combat Shirt”

  1. 1C3 says:

    Not familiar with the time length for this order and procurement process to occur. But seeing this dismays me that the totally useless digital tiger stripe is going to be sticking around for a while. It would make to much sense to just piggy back and use the exact same thing the Army uses.

  2. Bruce says:

    SF around here have been wearing OCP, what is with the digital tiger?

  3. Mac says:

    Global Strike Command Security Forces members have been authorized to wear OCP (Multicam). All other CONUS units/commands are still wearing DTS.

  4. Joe says:

    The big screw up here is using a non FR grear that is supposed to be left at home when you deploy requiring a second issue when one issue could do. And you can be sure the non FR with show up in theater.

    • SSD says:

      Deployed wear OCP, this is Tiger Stripe.

      • CJK1DOC says:

        OCP not for all, depends on where the team is going, and sadly allot of company’s are trying to unload UCP shirts as a suitable substitute, and most non SF supply people don’t know the difference. Will not air laundry here, but will say ordered 5 non-fr shirts for a team and was quote over $1000.00 for ABU shirts.. Advised the company rep also a former AF guy that he could gladly wipe his ass with them and thanks for remembering his roots.


      • James says:

        Unfortunately, not all deployed SFS are wearing OCP. Only folks in certain areas are deploying with OCP gear. The rest are still wearing vanity pattern tiger stripe “camouflage” in a war zone.

        SSD, has there been any murmurings in the community concerning an eventual adoption of OCP across the service by the USAF? Our leadership maintains the ABUs are staying but I don’t see it as a feasible long term plan as the Army makes the full transition. At some point in the near future Airmen will be wearing OCP kit in the ABU as the UCP kit disappears.

        • SSD says:

          The Air Force is up to its ass in Tigerstripe at DLA. Until they get that under control, you’re stuck with it. However, I’m hearing there’s something in the Senate version of the NDAA that will push the services (finally) toward a common pattern. Let’s hope it survives conference committee.

          • James says:

            Gotta love exit strategy right? I’ve heard the same about the NDAA, however, I am concerned it’s either not going to be binding, or it’s going to allow the continuation of the vanity patterns and only restrict the use of new patterns.

            I have seen that the blueberries are possibly in a quiet phase out. The naïve person inside me hopes maybe the Air Force is quietly looking at a phase out too. Apparently, the Navy is in the same boat with DLA but has contract clauses that allow reductions in future orders.

            I’m not sure about the rest of my USAF brethren (and sisters) but ABUs are a straight up embarrassment.