Smith & Bradley goes Full Circle To Change The Tactical Watch Game


Winter Park, Florida, July 11, 2016 – The evolution of the outdoor and tactical watch is upon us. The roll-out of the SANS-13 Evolution on Kickstarter is going to make some serious waves in the watch world. Smith & Bradley went back to the drawing board with the SANS-13 lead by watch designer/engineer Jerommie Smith and input from their customers across the outdoor and tactical community. Smith & Bradley developed the best engineered watch in the marketplace with the industries BEST ILLUMINATION technology–period

The illumination technology is set to be on par with tritium with a powerful glow lasting for at least 6-8 hours in darkness. The polymer used for illumination was once a “Lume Tube” is now a “Lume Plate” for way more power and much longer glow. The Polymer Lume Plates are sure to shake up the tactical watch market.

Other Technical Features include:

  • A Ronda Swiss 505 Quartz Movement, 1 Jewel, 45 month Battery Life
  • Crystal: Sapphire with Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Case: 4mm, 316L Stainless Steel
  • Caseback: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Bracelet: 24mm, 316 Stainless Steel Screw Bar for each link
  • Crown: 7mm with Inner Seal
  • Crown Tube: Dual O-Ring Seal
  • Dial: Sandwich Dial with Polymer Lume Plate Background
  • Hands: Lume Plate integrated into hands
  • Oh Yeah, you can back it now for $250.00 on Kickstarter. Luminox should be nervous.


    13 Responses to “Smith & Bradley goes Full Circle To Change The Tactical Watch Game”

    1. Alex says:

      It’s tactical because it was developed with the tactical community? What can this watch do than a non “tactical” gshock can’t do?

    2. Matt says:

      Looks cheap, especially the bezel.

    3. Dev says:

      Why quartz =(

    4. Gerard says:

      I showed the specs to a friend who’s a watchmaker and he was impressed by both the design and quality of the works. I plan to eventually buy the all black version

    5. Nucky says:

      Another cheap chinese watch with an overpriced tactical price tag

      Being part of special operations command for several years, I dont know one operator who would wear a piece of equipment like this. Something that constantly glows is retarded, reason why luminox watches are not used with seals anymore. An $80 battle tested gshock does everything this overly priced piece does and alot more on the battlefield.

    6. Invictus says:

      Admittedly a horophile, and love to see new offerings.

      I will say I rarely see “tactical” or other tool watches designed with slimness in mind, to fit under coat cuffs or glove cuffs.

      The Sinn 809 is probably the best and thinnest auto “tactical” watch designed, and it’s over 20 years old.

      Similarly, a large crown operable with gloves that isn’t at 3 o clock would be a high priority. Again, advantage Sinn.

      If you had to design a money-no-object “tactical” watch from the ground up, you’d end up with the Sinn UX.

      • JDD says:

        Pardon my ignorance but why no crown at the 3 oclock? I’ve noticed that design on some sinns and wondered what was up with that? Is it for inadvertant(sp) bumping?

        • Invictus says:

          Mostly it’s because it always irritates the back of hand, but bumping is also an issue. The crown at 4:00 is far more comfortable and still easily operable by the offhand.

    7. Rod says:

      Agree fully with the last two comments. I have a sinn u1 and that’s just as “tactical” as any watch I’ve seen, and it’s a legitimate watch and movement on top of that. Or for a little less a marathon gsar or navigator will do. I’ve been beating on a gsar for 15 years and it still won’t die.

      If this were 60 years ago we would be lucky enough to have a Rolex or Gallet be our issued tactical watch. But I somehow think that a gshock or suunto cuts it just fine for real tactical guys.

      The watch industry is pushing enough nonsense marketing, and overpriced Chinese movements as it is. Do we really need another “tactical” item added to the already diluted equation.

    8. .308 says:

      My $150.000 Marathon pilots watch keeps better time and is way more useful than a Rolex.. haha.

    9. Loopy says:

      Might be better off with a Brit G10 watch, they were actually issue items not too long ago.

    10. HTEngg says:

      Luminox, should be very worried. Luminox was my first foray into the “upper end” (used VERY loosely) watch world. It died so many times, and I spent so much having it fixed at the “approved repair place”. On top of that it had terrible, terrible movement (I was just to ignorant to know). I just bought a Casio for the same price as another trip to the depot. Lesson learned, plus glowing all time kind of sucks. That Luminox also fogged like no other in the cold, which is another point to many of the Sinn’s with their desiccant thing [I can’t afford one right now:( if ever ]. Overall, if they can pull off the movement and design goals, this will be a strong competitor to the Luminox, for people who are into this price range, feature set, and marketing target.