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TNVC Announces Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner for Helmets by 4D Tactical

The Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner by 4D Tactical, is available exclusively at TNVC. It offers the most technologically advanced and comfortable suspension system available for any combat helmet. Originally developed for USSOCOM, the Zero G pads meet and exceed specification for ACH Blunt Impact and Ballistic Protection – even exceeding current standard issue, OEM, and aftermarket suspension system offerings (according to independent and DoD lab testing (USMC SMART-TE ACH Test). What’s more; the Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner is the most comfortable set of pads available. Let’s repeat that: THE MOST COMFORTABLE SET OF PADS AVAILABLE.

The Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner is a rate and temperature sensitive material that conforms to the wearer’s unique head shape. The materials provide unparalleled comfort, fit, and stability. All pads are covered in a heat and moisture wicking NanoTech anti-microbial fabric. It is designed to draw perspiration away from the head and will actually cool the wearer through this evaporative process. The Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner is Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C 2533a) Compliant.

The Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner was spec’d with input from TNVC to be the ultimate in warfighter comfort and protection. Based on 4D Tactical’s excellent Zero G Standard Kits, the Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner contains more pads for more complete coverage. All pads are independent of each other for complete customization and compatibility with other head-borne mission critical gear. Once installed, the pads conform to each other, creating the feeling of a single, soft insert, eliminating hot spots of pad contact during extended wear.

This is the best investment you can make in your helmet!



37 Responses to “TNVC Announces Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner for Helmets by 4D Tactical”

  1. BillC says:

    Anybody with firsthand experience? I have my mouse hovering on order, I just don’t want to add the pile of pads I already have.

    • Chris says:

      My entire team ordered and used these in AFG. They are the absolute best pads on the market. There is nothing like them. It is a like a tempurpedic mattress for your helmet. It molds to your head. I have used them in the heat, the cold, in the mountains, and on the range. They hold up and they last. My team entire team loved them and still use them to this day.

    • Jonesy says:

      I am on my second set of these pads in about four years. I work in operational test for ground combat troops. My first kit was a prototype kit for the OpsCore helmet. It was BY FAR the most comfortable set up I have ever had on my dome. We immediately froze two helmets: a stock OpsCore and one with these pads. Both were rock hard when pulled from the freezer after about 13 hours. We had two guys put the helmets on. The stock pads stayed rock hard for more than half an hour and were very uncomfortable for nearly 90 minutes before they settled into “normal”. These pads stayed rock hard for about 3-5 minutes and were “baseball cap” comfortable in less than ten minutes. The longest I have worn these pads without taking my helmet off has been just over 9 hours while doing a land nav course in Wisconsin this spring. Before these pads, I started getting a headache after 2-3 hours. By the end of that 9 hours I had nothing. I could have gone another 4-5 hours the way they felt.

      Enough about myself. I have handed out sample kits to about 14 guys so I could get their feedback. So far, I have had requests for more pads from all of them. All of them wanted the kits for buddies….their kits were still going strong. I have also had Special Tactics Squadrons contact me looking for purchase info for these kits.

      Bottom line. I have 18 years of experience with this sort of equipment on my head. Many of those I have received feedback frok has nearly as much….and in some cases more. I have received exactly zero negative feedback. I see some comments on here about someone named “Chip” being an opportunist. I don’t give two shits about the business. If someone wants to he an opportunist by selling replacement pads that are better and more comfortable for less than the stock pads cost…..let him be an opportunist. His opportunism is helping those of us who have to wear this gear…..in nearly every possible way.

    • Fed SRT says:

      Have been running these liners for about two years after some team members complained about the basic liner our tactical helmets came with. ARG Tactical recommended these. Every team member raves about them. Gets rid of “hot spots” that less conforming pads often cause. Absolutely gives you a custom, secure fit for your helmet. These pads were simple to install and withstood the heat of south Texas without coming apart. Great product.

  2. Mandingo says:

    I’ll need a complete breakdown of their political leanings first…

    • Chip says:

      LOL. Trust me; these guys are no fans of Hillary.

      • ARG says:

        True. True.

      • Sam says:

        Unfortunate to see Chip and his false “integrity” on SSD. In talking to the guys at Team Wendy, it is quite apparent that Chip is an opportunist. As I understand it, he was given all of the facts surrounding the circumstances behind Hillary visit but ignored them and has played this whole episode out for his personal gain. From what I was told, Team Wendy sales to TNVC and the old Chipper did not even register on their bottom line. Team Wendy has as solid reputation and history protecting our operators. Their team is also made up of some of the best dudes you will find in the industry. Time to go home and give it a rest Chipper. The more you promote your “integrity”, the more shameless you look.

        • Chip says:

          Sam, you mind letting the rest of us know who you are?

          • Sam says:

            Sure Chipper. I not afraid to admit I am a friend of the folks at Team Wendy here in Cleveland. What you know very well but will never admit because it does not suit your simple mind and opportunistic narrative is that the folks at Team Wendy live and breath supporting soldiers and first responders. They have proven this over the last decade plus. They sure as hell don’t need your endorsement. You also know very well what occurred leading to the event being moved to a Team Wendy space which (as you know) was not the original plan and was driven by circumstances beyond their control. What you also know but again dismiss because it does not suit your opportunism is that this was never supposed to be a 2nd Amendment or gun control “visit”. This was a visit teed up to the complex that Team Wendy operates out of as one of several companies. This was a manufacturing and jobs themed visit. The day before the visit, Orlando happened. The entire theme changed. But you know this. Just does not help you to admit this because you have too much “integrity”. It also does not fit your opportunism that Team Wendy has hosted several high profile Republican members of Congress in addition to Democrats. Chipper, go ahead and continue to disparage proud Americans who have done more for the communities they serve. After all, you are an expert as you have made very clear. Good luck selling vaporware alternatives.

            • Chip says:

              OK Sam. It’s clear that you’re goading me into a fight. But, you should pick your battles more wisely before you start throwing haymakers. You do not have the whole story. I will gladly and publicly admit to knowing all of the things you’re saying about leading up to the Hillary event. The reason I haven’t said anything about it before was because I have class. I have not publicly discussed the Team Wendy debacle until this point other than to succinctly state that TNVC has severed ties with TW. That is called taking the high road. I have always respected Team Wendy and their product line. Their commitment to protecting those in uniform (including myself) has always been noble. To this day, I will not say a negative thing about their products because they are very good. And, if people want to buy them, they can and should. But they will not buy them from me.
              I have no delusions that TNVC dropping the TW product line will cause them to go under. I have no idea how the revenue we brought them affected their bottom line. But that is not important to me. What is important to me is my integrity, and the ability for me and my brothers and sisters at TNVC to be able to go to sleep with a clear conscience every night. TNVC is operated by warfighters and LEO’s, for warfighters and LEO’s. We take our place in the brotherhood very seriously. And we will not stand with the likes of Hillary Clinton – a person who has the blood of our brothers on her hands, shown nothing but disdain for those in uniform, and done more to damage the national security we fought for than anyone since Snowden. Nor will we support people or institutions that support or endorse her. You are right: Team Wendy does not need our endorsement. They can go about doing business as usual, but it won’t be through us.
              Sam, since you insist on calling into question my character with wild accusations about that whole event. Let me enlighten you to the facts from the other side. I was out to breakfast with my wife and mom who had traveled to visit us over the weekend on the Saturday morning they made their announcement about hosting Hillary. The TW announcement came over my phone and I was immediately lit up by texts and emails from friends across the industry and within the LE and SOF community. The marketing director from one of the most respected AR manufacturers in the country texted me in a panic because they had a major photoshoot coming up that week and they needed new helmets. As soon as TW announced the Hillary event, there was no way they would use that product ever again. My phone literally sounded like a slot machine as texts came in from LE and Mil buddies wanting cancel their open TW orders and quotes. This ended up amounting to close to $100K in quoted product when all was said and done. After excusing myself from breakfast, I was able to go online and see what the hell was happening. I thought it was a joke. I was shocked.
              I am well versed in the defense acquisitions game. I know, and the majority of the public (I think) knows that defense companies have to grease both sides of the aisle to secure funding, contracts, jobs, etc. If your company is based in New York City or Boston, you don’t have a choice because all your reps will be democrats and you will have to donate to their campaigns in order to get contracts. But that is a wholly different thing than letting Ms. Clinton – a sworn enemy of the 2nd Amendment, the Butcher of Benghazi, and user of unsecured servers for classified emails, use your factory floor to breathe fire and brimstone about reinstating an Assault Weapons Ban.
              I know the terror attack happened after the decision was made to host her, but there is no way Dan Moore could think she would not mention gun control in her speech as she laid out her vision for America. He had to know what she was about, how his customer base felt about her, and what she was going to say. He had to know that she has shown repeated disdain for the uniform many of us wore – the same uniform he claims to have at heart and the same uniform she left to die in Benghazi. If he did not expect this sort of visceral reaction from his customer base, then it displays a complete lack of understanding or caring about the people who pay his bills.
              The entire TNVC team grappled with how to handle this situation all weekend. The owner of the company was out of the country on vacation at the time. The rest of us gave up our weekend to figure out how to proceed. TNVC had a very public relationship with Team Wendy. We did not ask for this. It is apparent that Team Wendy management did not consider the far-reaching consequences of these actions. Of course, TW was not the first choice for Mr. Moore to host Clinton. But when it became apparent that TW would be the only place to host her, he and his management should have respectfully bowed out, knowing the reaction it would create in the community. It wasn’t just TNVC that severed ties with TW over their actions. Several other distributors dropped them as well as some companies that were OEM’ing parts. Team Wendy’s actions affect way more than their own bottom line. They put us all in a very tight spot and forced our hands in making a decision about right and wrong. But, in honor of our long-standing relationship and my personal friendship with the CEO, we gave them the benefit of the doubt. I spoke to the CEO on the phone the same day they made the announcement. I was not going to make a reactionary decision based on mob mentality. I wanted to hear straight from him what this was all about. I was indeed told that her visit was to promote jobs and discuss the importance of taking care of veterans suffering from PTSD and protecting warfighters from TBI – something Team Wendy excels at. But a quick search of her website encouraged people to RSVP and come listen to Hillary Clinton “lay out her vision for America at Team Wendy.” Nothing was mentioned about manufacturing jobs, traumatic brain injury, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Of course not. We all know that stuff isn’t on her radar.
              I continued to wrestle with how to handle the situation all weekend. Had we given in to the mob, we would have made a very public, fiery tirade statement on Saturday morning and immediately cut ties. But we did not. In fact, we had a staff meeting Monday morning – just a couple hours before the event, where we were still discussing what to do. While I am technically everyone’s boss, I do not look at my position that way. I have always sought out the opinions and guidance of my team because they are my brothers and sisters as much as my co-workers. I laid out my thoughts and literally told them to shoot holes in my ideas. By the end of the meeting, our final plan was different than my original one.
              We all watched the live stream of Hillary’s speech from our various offices. We were all quietly hoping she would take the high road and actually talk about the topics TW tried to convince the world was the purpose of this event: TBI, PTSD, Cleveland jobs. Everyone knew that she couldn’t care less about any of that, but… In the end, she did exactly what everyone knew she would do. As soon as she called for an AWB on the factory floor of Team Wendy, our hand was forced. Sending the email to Team Wendy’s CEO to inform him we were cutting ties was the hardest thing I’ve done for TNVC in seven years and I told him that. I felt sick to my stomach all day. But, I resent the corner they pushed us into. I resent the complete dismissal they have shown for the people who used to buy their products.
              I have no delusions about Team Wendy’s future. They will continue to do business. Their large DOD contracts for pads and overseas contracts for helmets will be secure. They would have been secure even had they not hosted Hillary’s campaign rally. Do you really think Hillary would cut off Colt and FN if she wins the election, because they didn’t host her campaign events? But our customers are not the DOD. Big Army is not buying millions of ZAP pad kits for ACH’s from TNVC. They buy direct or through a prime vendor. Individual warfighters are issued their pads and don’t have a choice. Our customers are the commercial public and Law Enforcement. We sell to individual warfighters and small platoon level purchases. The majority of these people will not touch Team Wendy product again. That takes food off our table.
              In the end, our decision to severe ties with Wendy was based on principle more than business. I wish them no ill will because I know the vast majority of their employees are just passengers on a crazy train. But, I am filled with profound disappointment nonetheless.
              The people at TNVC have fought and bled for this country both as warfighters and LEO’s. We will bleed on the flags’ stripes to make sure they stay red. That sort of thing builds character and yes, integrity – something you are blindly calling into question. I wish we never had to severe ties with Team Wendy. But having character means doing what is right, even when it is hard. You say I’m opportunistic. I am not sure you understand the meaning of the word. If I was opportunistic, I would have done exactly the opposite of what I did. I would have said “awesome, the other TW dealers are dropping them, this means I can corner the market!” Instead, I am sitting here with tens of thousands of dollars of TW gear on the shelf that TNVC will take a loss on because we will not sell products from a company who so strongly supports a presidential candidate who gets our brothers killed and then asks “what difference does it make.” Instead, I cut off our biggest supplier of helmets and parts. Instead, I had to close a friendship with the CEO of Team Wendy. Do you think I am happy about any of this?
              I have not publicly spoken about this whole tragic incident except to say that we will no longer be doing business with Team Wendy. I was taking the high road and asked the other folks at TNVC to not openly discuss it either. There is no honor in kicking someone when they are down. I had planned to let this whole thing go. But, mama didn’t raise a coward either. I hope this explanation addresses your concerns about my integrity.
              As for the new Zero G Deluxe Retrofit Combat Liner; thanks for wishing me well on selling it. We announced it yesterday and it is already catching on. We have sold a bunch in less than 24 hours. As for referring to it as “vaporware,” I’m not sure you understand the definition of this term either. The product is shipping. The manufacturer, 4DT, had a really big DOD contract with these. They are proven.

              • I will add this very point. I am the President/CEO of TNVC and ultimately while I was 8,000 miles away, I made the FINAL decision on this. I applaud Chip’s response and my entire staff with honor and integrity which is who we are and the reason I surround this company with such an amazing staff.

                Myself and my company will NOT waiver on our morals and will always stand up for what we feel is right and just. Our brothers and sisters in uniform have always come to expect this from us and we always will make a stand for them. It’s who we are and who I am personally.

                We decided to just post a simple sentence about our severed ties with TW, but it appears “friends” want to go public, so public it is. Be aware, there is MUCH more in the background in the emails we personally received from TW on this issue which also solidified my decision VERY, very quickly besides the notorious events that unfolded.

                • Jose Rizo-Patron says:

                  Hello. I am the CEO of Team Wendy. The above exchange was brought to my attention this Sunday morning. We will not be addressing the above comments or any related comments on this thread beyond what I am writing here. I have directed my team to stay above this fray and to remain focused on our company’s well known mission and established values. Our core customers (across the globe) who Team Wendy has protected for well over a decade know our team very well and what we stand for. We continue to hear from them daily and we continue to support them daily. Further, our business remains brisk as we continue to deliver helmets and related systems to those in harm’s way in industry leading times. Our customer service also remains best in class. Bottom line, we remain focused on supporting the warfighter and first responders. In turn, they continue to trust in Team Wendy, as is evident by the continued, aggressive growth of our company. Thank you.

                • WKL says:

                  Everything I know about you guys is that you’re top notch. Fuck Team Wendy and fuck Hillary Clinton.

  3. Chip says:

    I’ve got first hand experience! Guys, I shit you not: it’s like putting your head in a bucket of boobs. Not only do they meet or exceed ACH impact spec, but they’re flame resistant, and exceed the current standard issue pads in some test areas (we have the documentation in hand). But the kicker is the comfort. I’ve been wearing ballistic helmets my entire adult life and never felt anything like this.

  4. jack says:

    One size fits all?? I don’t see any sizing option on the website.

  5. Norbis says:

    TNVC, this is awesome! I was about to pull the trigger on the Team Wendy until I found out who’s pocket/campaign/”foundation” my money would end up in. So I am replacing my ARSOF issued Ops-Core liner…. What chin strap goes with this or does the existing one somehow work with Zero-G?

  6. jackson says:

    can we get a pad thickness?

  7. ARG says:

    3/4 and 1 inch

  8. paul says:

    Ya, but are they jumpable?

  9. JS says:

    looks like the Carbon is getting an upgrade…..

  10. Chris says:

    The pads are far and away the best pads on the market. Nothing comes even close. My entire team ordered these and used these during out last trip to AFG. Everybody loved them. They mold to your head and feel like a tempurpedic mattress is holding your helmet on. We used them in hot conditions and cold and they are comfortable and durable.

  11. AlfieHiggins says:

    How can these be the most comfortable pads ever if D3O made the same claim about 2 weeks ago. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!! I say D3O and TNVG do Thunderdome…seriously, there can only be one pad manufacturer allowed to make vague yet awesome claims like “reconginzed as most comfortable pad in the industry”. Recongnized by who (and by the way, that is really more a dig at D3O….Chip just says “most comfortable ever” or whatever he said. By the way – How did you measure comfort so you can make that claim? And If you have performance data can you just post it on your website…and not a graphic which is your interpretation of the test data like your BFF at Team Wendy does, just post the raw data so we can see if for ourselves.

    • Chip says:

      Thunderdome! Dude, that’s awesome. If you want the test data, send me an email and I can send you the report in PDF

      • Norbis says:

        What’s your email?

      • alfiehiggins says:

        hi chip,

        Here is what an impact pad test package looks like…so if you don’t have this data then I am throwing you into thunderdome to battle to the death for title of most outrageous claim maker.

        4 sizes, 3 temps, seawater – at least 2 passing tests per condition/size…because anyone can test something 10 times and get one pass. And, because there is a back face claim on ACH, you have to do this whole test regime over again on back face with 9mm as pads have been proven to impact BFD.

        Polyethylene with BFD:
        This is FAST, Maritime, Sentry….not sure if Exfil claims BFD. For M-Tek fusion you only have to bump it because they are only 3a. Its confusing right? People think 3a means same performance as ACH – totally wrong. Shoot the M-Tek with 9mm and compare to an ACH or FAST….big huge difference. So, for the Ops-Core PE shells you have to do bump and 9mm to their published standards.

        What a ball buster right??? that’s like 64 tests for ACH at a cost of about $500 a test and the shells are probably like $300 – 64 x 800 = $51,200.
        you got a $51,200 PDF handy then I would love to see it.

  12. John M. says:

    These pads are seriously the best pads EVER. I swapped them out for the Army issue garbage inside my ACH. Two weeks later i took a tumble out of my gunner chair in the back of an ASV and whacked my head. My butt hurt but my head felt great, i felt no pain and i landed hard. The pads are AMAZING, they can breath and can wick sweat without a problem and feel like a memory foam pillow on my head. HUGE fan of these pads and cannot recommend them enough.

  13. Sopcwannabe says:

    Static line jumpablity and comfort under nods?

    • Jon, OPT says:

      I’m interested in the same, will be writing the manufacturer with an inquiry.

      Comfort under NODS is subjective, but I see nothing objective about FBNC or Benning JM committees granting approval for Airborne use. USASOC purchase orders do not imply approval for GP forces use in airborne operations.

  14. Tommy Williams says:

    These pads are the shit! When I wear my ACH its like my head is wrapped in a bucket of freedom clouds. Everytime I wear my Helmet I dont mind having it on my head. I let someone borrow my ACH on a range and he even commented on them and asked where I got them from, and bought his own. If you want unmatched comfort will wearing your kit get these pads.