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I’m A Sucker For A Cool T-shirt

OAF has introduced this shirt depicting SO1 Tony “Scarface” Montana reimagined as a death dealin’ Frogman that just smoked a whole village of Talibs. Covered in blood, holding his ratchet with death in his wake. He’s ready to RTB, smash some groupies and hit the chow hall with his brodies.

Scoop up one of these bad Larrys here shop.oafnation.com


11 Responses to “I’m A Sucker For A Cool T-shirt”

  1. John C. McDouche says:

    For once, a military-ish that’s not motto-boot-right-out-of-basic-thank-me-for-my-service.

    I’d probably take this as a mancave poster over a t-shirt, but the art is rad.

  2. BillC says:

    It’s also stylized after Grand Theft Auto V video game.

  3. Hobbs says:

    Am I the only one who bristles at OAF’s constant use of thug slang in their products and advertising? Am I missing something, like it’s done in a satirical/sarcastic/ironic manner? I’d love to get some of their stuff, but when I see “GWOT TRAP LORDZ” all over everything, it makes me grind my teeth.

    • Creed says:

      Lighten up Francis

    • SamHill says:

      I noticed that in their ad type as well. I guess their stuff is not intended for the masses and that is Ok. I like some of the artwork but I’m not that interested in Tupac or tony montana to wear them on a shirt. I will also admit that I am not exactly sure what a trap lord is either and I am fine with that as well. Take care.

    • SSD says:

      It’s their shtick. Everybody has to have an act.

    • straps says:

      Absolutelely ironic appropriation…

      The essence of service on a top-tier team is accomplishment, consistency, professionalism, discipline, and teamwork–things alien to people who converse in pop culture/drug/thug slang un-ironically.

      Might be your thing, might not be. Me, I prefer OAF’s humorous edge to some of the death culty stuff on the opposite end of the spectrum.

  4. Disco says:

    Needs more yeyo and 203

  5. Douchecanoe says:

    In that case they are approprating two cultures, thugs and operators, since they are neither.

  6. Miggy says:

    Did anyone else order shit from them that got all fucked up? OAF promised to replace the items and then never did. I say pass.