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AXTS Rebrands To Radian

You might know AXTS from their charging handles. However, they not only make accessories, but full carbines as well. 

Earlier today, they officially announced their name change to Radian. However, I want to be clear, there has been no change in corporate ownership, and no additional changes to their team.

In an effort to better align the brand with their ever-evolving products, AXTS Weapons Systems has launched their new name – Radian Weapons.

AXTS has gained popularity and acclaim with its ambidextrous Raptor charging handle, and with the recent release of its sub-MOA rifle, the MI-T556 (now called the Radian Model 1). The new name was designed to distinguish them as a leader in the production of high-end, evolved weapons systems.

“We are more than an accessories company, and Radian helps us tell that story,” said Radian Weapons’ CEO, Joshua Underwood. “Continuous innovation and a hard driving work ethic are the core values we live by and have been the foundation for AXTS Weapons Systems. Radian Weapons will continue to build on this foundation, ful?lling our passion to bring the best performing products to our customers. A relentless pursuit of perfection in product design and world class manufacturing will be the standard of Radian Weapons.”

To accompany the launch of the new brand, Radian released a teaser video to showcase its new style set to the tune of its original manufacturing process. They are also giving away a Radian Model 1 Ri?e paired with a Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44mm optic to celebrate the brand launch. For more information on Radian, the rebrand, and the giveaway, visit www.radianweapons.com.

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5 Responses to “AXTS Rebrands To Radian”

  1. Rem870 says:

    Very good promo. It’s a solid gun, in my opinion.

  2. Strike-Hold says:

    That’s a much better name.

  3. Lone Element says:

    Agree, I like the new brand position and name. Nice video.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Well then. That’s a refreshingly different promo.

  5. Jose says:

    Great name I own a mi556 14.5 and I wonder will they keep the name AXTS on their rifle and or do the logo change?