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Sneak Peek – S.E.T. Plate Carrier

Snake Eater Tactical’s new Plate Carrier utilizes their patent pending grid system. Rather than using the PALS attachment system, the grid is optimized for use with 550 cord. However, they also plan to incorporate Velcro section for the attachment of panels.

It also includes removable side straps as well as three layers of Mil-Spec elastic for chest expansion.

Pre-orders kicking off soon from


69 Responses to “Sneak Peek – S.E.T. Plate Carrier”

  1. Joe says:

    So they want you to tie your pouches on with 550 cord?

      • dudeabides says:

        Surely they jest….

        • SSD says:

          Why? Guys attached pouches to belts for years with 550 and zip ties. Why is this any different?

          • jbgleason says:

            Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I think the industry has moved well beyond 550 and zip tie solutions.

            • SSD says:

              Articulate why PALS is superior.

              • Easy E says:

                My anecdotal experience: It was easier to use PALS equipped gear to more tightly secure various pouches than 550 cord, stripper clips or zip ties.

                Still, I don’t see what’s so bad about having yet another option. If a person doesn’t like it, don’t buy it.

                • SSD says:

                  There are quite a few patents in the laser cut fabric for load carriage arena. I like seeing new ideas emerge, even if they’re a rehash of old ideas.

                  The reality is that most people set up their gear and then leave it. 550 is lighter and lower profile than PALS. Question is, can it be properly secured?

                  • steve says:

                    550 cord may be lighter than pals but not by much, going so light that it is compromised on functionality is not a good design idea no serious users will by this to support gear. May be ok for just plates but thevway the shoulders attach to the carrier looks uncomfortable.

          • BillC says:

            Because in that last pic, that tactical lady isn’t using the superior system of 550 cord to attach pouches to the plate carrier, but rather to a belt, without 550 cord.

  2. Bobby Davro says:

    Brings new meaning to holding the Amy together with tape and string hahaha

  3. Tom says:

    A throwback to the days where you replaced all your alice clips with 550 cord. What’s old is new again!

  4. BillC says:

    What’s the date? April already?

  5. babola says:

    Borderline WTF category.

    • Jay says:

      I’m waiting for someone to just duct tape plates and pouches to their chest.

      • Non-operator says:

        I have a high-risk security job and I fear that I would be the target for repeated long-distance shots to my back. This carrier would be the perfect solution for securing a second trauma plate to my back, with 550 cord and zip ties. The ducttape solution, although tactically sound, is hot and painful to remove. Securing smoke grenades to the front to throw when breaking contact looks like it should be a cinch too.

  6. Jeff says:

    I thought someone was making a joke by tying some gear to a peg board, and wearing it as a vest. I won’t say it’s not usable but it looks ridiculous

  7. Rearmount says:

    Seems like this would take longer to weave than MALICE clips, or the attached strap as seen on other makers (Eagle, Paraclete, etc.).

    • SSD says:

      How often do you actually change pouches? Most people never do.

      • Adam says:

        I see you defending the product, and maybe that’s just part of the service you offer when a company pays you to make a post on their product. It honestly could not be more obvious here. You are defending a laser-cut plate carrier that utilizes beefed-up string to attach the pouches.

        Every one of your comments that you have posted asking commenters “what makes PALs superior?” Could easily be countered with the opposite. What makes this better? What’s the problem with PALS? Why the fuck would anyone do this? Let me guess.

        “You might only have 550 chord!”

        You just said that most people set their gear and leave it. This is also obviously going to take proprietary pouches that accept 550 chord. I’m just really not seeing the point here.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for going against the grain and different ideas, but sometimes shit just isn’t broken.


        • steve says:


        • Tremis says:

          The one I handled had regular molle pouches attached. As secure as the rest of the standard methods.

        • Rodd says:

          Yeah I’m all for Innovation and going against common knowledge. I’m certainly not one to shit on people’s ideas. But when you’re not really offering much of a solution it seems kinda like a misguided attempt at patenting something that really wasn’t thought through . There definitely are improvements to be made over standard molle, weight, bulk Etc. But blue force gear kind of did it with the helium whisper/laser cut grid. This is not an improvement over that. Paracord isn’t the solution for everything.

  8. chuck says:

    Do they have it in malticam????;)

  9. Dellis says:

    Look at it like this, when bored you can always use it as a Light Bright box!

    • Evets Steve says:

      or carry a pocket full of painted macaroni. no glue! while everyone else is just navel gazing on the tarmac, you’ll have endless fun with your arts-and-crafts. everyone’ll be jealous of you as the one guy who spelled out DezNutz on his plate carrier and got it in the unit deployment photo.

  10. just a guy says:

    Just saying if I had a odd object that needed to be at a different angle and on a vest this is a good idea, not my main vest but a secondary option for a different job. As a secondary vest and system I think this has a place.

    • BLyon says:

      Agree with this point. While it might not be equal to or a decent replacement for PALS or other modular systems, the grid layout for something like this is far finer.

      If there was a strength to this concept, I would say that it is in fine placement options for whatever is tied in place. Angles would be easy, and you would have more increments than your usual inch by inch spacing on a PALS grid. Would this be a noticeable difference in a fighting load? Perhaps not, but I could see this used for other day jobs that might have odds and ends that don’t integrate well with usual webbing.

  11. Diddler says:

    I think they could do a lot to bolster confidence in the product by demonstrating that it’s possible to use the carrier as intended and not be left with a rat nest. None of the photos on their page show it in use.

    • SSD says:

      Any booger eater can make cord look like crap, since this is a sneak peek, I’m sure we’ll get to see plenty of pictures from them. They are a good company. I like what I’ve seen in the past from them.

      • Dellis says:

        All of my stupid comments aside…I can see this working “IF” they had gone a step further in design and kept the format of the carrier as is but created a “peg insert” holding system that could possibly work with the more popular attachment systems out there, such as PALS, MOLLE, etc.

        This carrier is a blank canvas so to speak and will work great for those needing a unique and “made for you” load out. Just not sure paracord is the ideal way to go.

        • SSD says:

          Why? It’s cheap and durable.

          • Dellis says:

            Correct on both accounts. As I stated I think this is a blank slate and leaves one to load out as they see fit but my issue comes from a PALS, MOLLE, Whisper or other method of attached pouch and the need to circumvent that particular pouches method of attachment.

            Yes 550 cord and this vest makes just about any pouch “universal” but not sure it’s needed, although I am one who appreciates innovation and the constant thought of, “What if…..?”

  12. Matt G says:

    First Spear had the right idea by coming up with a better attachment system that is still cross compatible with legacy MOLLE (6/12 system).

    This system will most likely be compatible with nothing outside of the brand that made it. Anyone buying will basically be stuck with what they offer.

    As the user above me stated, lack of compatibility kills this one from the start. I wouldn’t invest a dollar into it.

  13. Matt G says:

    After a second read, I did see they will offer velcro for attachment. Even at that, it’ll just be another layer of crap between the carrier and what I’ll want mounted anyway.

    • SSD says:

      Another layer? 550 mounting is going to be lower profile than PALS, and lighter.

      • Invictus says:

        Are we including Helium Whisper in that? Because that’s arguable with Hypalon and similar materials.

        And given that most pouches don’t have the rivet holes any longer, like ALICE gear did, how are you cleanly mounting pouches with 550 cord?

        Where this would shine, in my opinion, is chicago screw/kydex pouch mounting. Whiskey Two Four does this in their chest rigs, and I’d like to see more of it.

        Also, how does the dump pouch/mag pouch combo work? I dig that.

        • Matt G says:

          I simply can’t imagine how it would be any lower profile than 6/12, and even close to as durable.

  14. STEPAN1983 says:

    So instead of using pouch attachment system that is already in there I need to use pieces of paracord as adapter to this strange thing? So you can fail two times in reliability instead of one?

    • SSD says:

      Guys obsessed with weight will cut the PALS from their pouches until entirely new pouches are available.

  15. Tremis says:

    I’ve handled this. The pouches are very secure. As secure as the other industry standard methods.

  16. some other joe says:

    So, one inch grid? Yeah, I can probably lace 550 through standard PALS with that. My concern is where the force vectors lie. Where is my pouch and the weight in it pulling? And is the vest material up to it? Nylon webbing and MALICE clip polymer are knowns, this isn’t.

    • SSD says:

      Now you’re starting to ask the right questions, but it’s HANK. If you didn’t question the strength of other vests made from HANK, then you shouldn’t worry about this.

      • Jim D says:

        550 cord is known to stretch a lot. Even assuming this cuts weights/ adds benefit, the cord used would have to be different than traditional nylon 550 cord. Between people’s inability to tie knots well, and the inherent stretch, this won’t catch on. It MAY inspire a new way of looking at mounting pouches though.

        • SSD says:

          Jim, that’s precisely the point. However, amazingly, we were able to keep our gear together back in the ALICE days with 550 and it didn’t fall apart on us.

  17. Nick says:

    It’s interesting to see how the shoulder straps are mobile and articulated along the attachment points to conform better to the wearer. Seems like a good amount of thought went into this design…

  18. SShink says:

    Assuming the female snap locks on the front are for mission specific pouch panels?

  19. That guy says:

    Keep up the good work S.E.T. looking forward to seeing more.

  20. Stefan S. says:

    Do we really need this?

    • SSD says:

      How many PALS compatible systems are there? Why were they created?

      • Lasse says:

        Is tying PALS compatible pouches onto a non-PALS compatible system seen as a step forward? I see it as a step backwards. It’s not quite building ALICE gear, but close.

        Good attempt at trying to innovate, but I feel like this system should be left in the prototype pile.

  21. 2 cents says:

    This by itself sends obviously ridiculous. This sneak peek was a bad idea without more info to back up why its a good alternative. My opinion ofcourse. Maybe if they made a pals vest like everyone else but also incorporated this peg board pattern In the blank areas? Kind of a hybrid system to maximize attachment points and configurations. Now that would be as arguably great idea. We’ll see where they go with this.

    • SSD says:

      Okay, the point of a sneak peek isn’t to give all of the details. Anyone can make a PALS compatible best, what’s interesting is when someone tries something new.

  22. Chris K. says:

    I think everybody is too focused on the 550 cord holes and not enough on the rest of the design. It’s going to be SwiftClip compatible from the looks of it and if they add the veclro to the front as stated then fuck 550 cord, you can just attach a SwiftClip placard in seconds. Next, look at the shoulder strap anchor points on the plate bags, I’d bet the shoulder straps can articulate better with this design as seen on some other carriers like the Velocity Scarab and taking it back farther to the Hard Point Armor Core carrier. The bottom edges of the plate bags look like they can be set up to add more support straps or possibly MOLLE webbing along the sides, acting as a kind of piece-meal cummerbund tailored by the user. I’ve never tried one, but there some interesting design features on this thing.

  23. Darkhorse says:

    The plate carrier doesn’t offend me but the POS tourniquet sure does.

    People need to understand that these aren’t good products and in some cases can actually do more damage than good.

    There is a significant amount of data to support this.

  24. SamHill says:

    Think of all of the little pieces of cord we will get to measure, burn and tie into pretty knots.