The Revised 4473 Is Coming


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In a few days time, January 16th to be exact, the latest iteration of the form 4473, also known as the Firearms Transaction Record, goes live. The full list of additions and alterations can be read at the link below, but here’s some of the standout changes, with most of them occurring in Section A, the buyer’s section:

  • Question 1 notes that in instances where the buyer has an initial as part of their legal name, “IO” needs to be included next to said initial.
  • Question 6 – ‘Gender’ is changed to ‘Sex’.
  • 10.b notes that both 10.a ‘Ethnicity’ and 10.b ‘Race’ need to be answered.
  • 11.e notes that marijuana is still unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it is legal in the state where the buyer resides.
  • 18.b is listed as ‘Supplemental Government Issued Documentation’, while its equivalent on the current 4473 20.b is listed as ‘Alternate Documentation’.
  • All in all, the changes are relatively minor; a bit of clarification here, some streamlining there, etc. Look forward to seeing this form pop up at your local FFL starting the 16th.

    24 Responses to “The Revised 4473 Is Coming”

    1. Dellis says:

      Question 6 – ‘Gender’ is changed to ‘Sex’.


      11.e notes that marijuana is still unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it is legal in the state where the buyer resides.

      This is the one that cracks me up. I do wonder though about users of CBD oils? Is that still considered an illegal substance?

      • Nik says:

        Because the 58 genders can’t fit in that tiny box:

        Cis Female
        Cis Male
        Cis Man
        Cis Woman
        Cisgender Female
        Cisgender Male
        Cisgender Man
        Cisgender Woman
        Female to Male
        Gender Fluid
        Gender Nonconforming
        Gender Questioning
        Gender Variant
        Male to Female
        Trans Female
        Trans* Female
        Trans Male
        Trans* Male
        Trans Man
        Trans* Man
        Trans Person
        Trans* Person
        Trans Woman
        Trans* Woman
        Transgender Female
        Transgender Male
        Transgender Man
        Transgender Person
        Transgender Woman
        Transsexual Female
        Transsexual Male
        Transsexual Man
        Transsexual Person
        Transsexual Woman

        Now check your 2A privilege.

        • Dellis says:

          I for one must thank you for the in-depth research you put into that. +1

          So if one can pick a sex of their choice can same be said of “age”?

      • Mike Nomad says:

        Gender is not the same as Sex. Can’t read 11.e, as none of the links work (as of 13 JAN 2017 @ 1701:55 CST). Here’s where people are going to get screwed: If you answer “Yes” truthfully that you smoke The Weed, then you have just admitted you are a felon. If you answer “No” untruthfully, you have committed a felony.

        • Dellis says:

          Gender, schmender….one is either male or female. If one is born a legal male and he/she identifies as a “female” and marks SEX as “female”then I personally see that as lying on form 4473 thus guilty of a felony. This though is seen as cruel, sexist, racist and discriminatory YET they have no such bending of rules if one smokes weed for recreational purposes or medical.

          Irony is I can wear my gun while drinking a beer!

          • Washington says:

            God shut up you dumbass cave man dipshits

          • Washington says:

            Nobody throws a pissy fit harder than you dumbfucks who constantly cry about what special snowflakes everyone else is. It takes zero effort to not be an insufferable shitheel but you can’t even manage that.

      • Hobbs says:

        The Feds recently reclassified CBD as a Schedule One drug, right up there with heroin, so yeah, it’s the worst kind of illegal substance, according to them, and we all know they’d NEVER be wrong…

        • Dellis says:

          This is sad to hear as CBD oil gives my wife great releif from her migraines. It’s not a permanent solution but it takes the edge off so she can function and also helps with her tennis elbow.

          • Coemgenus says:

            Dellis: I literally feel your wife’s pain. Up until August of 2016, I was enrolled in the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program (NJMMP) for joint pain that interferes terribly with my sleep. I purchased a shotgun off of GunBroker, and whilst waiting for the firearm to arrive I considered question (11e). I contacted an attorney here in NJ and he stated that I must answer YES to this question, essentially disqualifying me from making the transfer. I immediately surrendered my MMP card and dis-enrolled in the program prior to accepting the firearm. Thereby not committing fraud and maintaining a good conscience. Do I agree with the Feds, hell no?! But I appreciate my 2nd Amendment more than anything.

            • Dellis says:

              Coemgenus, not sure you’ll ever read my reply here but I am impressed by your honesty and steps you took to “do the right thing” even though it’s just total BS on the feds side.

              I have never smoked it but I do know it has the potential to help people.

              Take care

    2. Bill says:

      So, as a resident of WA, if I legally smoked recreational pot, then I buy a gun next month and truthfully check 11.e as yes, does my transfer get denied?

      • SSD says:

        I would say, “yes.”

      • tazman66gt says:

        Why do you think states are making it legal, its all part of the game. Make pot legal in states knowing the feds will never legalize it. So, you have a choice, pot or guns.

        • Dellis says:

          Wouldn’t it make more sense if states and not the feds made these rules?

          I think I have written enough now, I’ll be visited tomorrow by some agency, accounts frozen, made to chat with a shrink then deemed mentally unfit to own firearms!

        • Washington says:

          That grand conspiracy plot to dangle the choice of weed or guns in front of people, how sinister

      • PTMcCain says:

        Yes, just like what you are doing is contrary to federal law, so, smoke at your own risk.

    3. Bill says:

      Hilarious that everyone gets wrapped around the axle on the “gender/sex” thing. The bigger question to me is why it’s actually needed.

      • ANIBAL says:

        It’s harder to track you if they don’t know EVERYTHING on you to include what gender you associate with is why

        There’s no valid reason for it or race/ethnicity than illegal tracking of citizens

    4. Airborne_fister says:

      So don’t forget. That on a military form you will only need your pcs orders, mil id and drivers license. You will not need to show proof of your residency unless it’s in another state. Only your duty location. Also, on the stripped lower you will now need to be 21 and a resident (or have orders for that state) to buy one. Reason being you can turn one into a pistol.

    5. Airborne_fister says:

      Align you put anything about pot or mention pot to the salesmen like you like to smoke it. Then they are to store deny you. Finally fugitive from justice is better defined. Many people think of it as someone on the run from the law. But it also states. Do you have any warrants. And stalking or a restraining order or a protective order if you were to have one is on there. As in does someone have any against you.

    6. Another Ed says:

      5th Amendment – Leave it blank.

    7. PTMcCain says:

      I thought I had read that if you have a NFA background check, photo, prints, etc. you no longer need to fill out one of these forms. Is that correct? If so, how does one obtain proof of a NFA background check. Showing them a tax stamp?