‘Big Pimpin’

Vietnam: L Co Ranger with a chrome P38.

15 Responses to “‘Big Pimpin’”

  1. Marcus says:

    So that’s what happened to “Goose” from Top Gun. He DD338’d to Big Green.

    I think he stole the gun and stache from some porn star.

  2. Gerard says:

    Patton, eat your heart out

  3. Dave Hall says:

    AND a fast draw holster. Dropping Charlies like they’re hot.

  4. some other joe says:

    Bad IMINT. He’s carrying Megatron….

  5. ZK says:

    Is that a Doxa on his left wrist?

  6. Logan says:

    Outstanding caption.

  7. pbr549 says:

    Big Pimpin Indeed!!!!

  8. Kirk says:

    The chrome or nickel plating was something that a lot of guys were doing because of the corrosion protective qualities for Vietnam. I knew a multi-tour type who went over in the early part of the war, like before the LBJ build-up, as an enlisted adviser, and when he went back for subsequent tours, he took a sidearm with him that he’d had plated, specifically because of the corrosion problems he’d encountered on his first tour. I saw the pistols he had taken, one S&W revolver and one Browning High-Power, and went “WTF…?”, which led to the explanation. Additional comment he made was that if he’d been able to figure out how to get his issued weapon done the same way, he would have.

    Back then, the modern coatings simply weren’t available, and the nickel or chrome plate option was pretty much it. Some guys felt that the increased corrosion resistance and reduced need for maintenance were worth the loss of camouflage effect…

  9. Invictus says:

    Lt. Dangle was born again hard, who knew?