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Petition To Repeal The NFA

This petition to repeal the National Firearms Act has been out for a couple of weeks but it doesn’t have nearly enough signatures. Yeah, I said to myself, “these things don’t do any good” just like money of you will. But, the reality is that it is out there, and a healthy number of signatures can be pointed to as support for legislation such as the Hearing Protection Act which would begin the work of dismantling the NFA by removing silencers from needless regulation.


27 Responses to “Petition To Repeal The NFA”

  1. Evil Nadman says:

    I did my part!

    • Craig says:

      I did my part too!

    • Barf from Spaceballs says:


      As much as I’ve seen this posted all over FB, Twit, IG and we’re only at 14K from when I signed at 9K about 2 weeks ago.

      This is where we fail because when the liberals start a petition or a BS gofundme for the “dindu’s”, they kill it 24hrs or less.

  2. Ranger Rick says:

    So did I, so get off your butts, let’s go!

  3. Chuck says:

    The mos important thing we can do during this administration.

  4. mike says:

    Ive seen many people claim manipulation regarding the number of signatures. Anyone have any screenshots or anything the shows the numbers going down as some claim?

  5. SamHill says:


  6. JKifer says:

    did my part as well as forwarded the link

  7. ZenEngineer says:

    Question: Do we want to repeal the Destructive Devices (DD) or Any Other Weapon (AOW) portion of NFA? I’m okay repealing the firearm portions but there are some folks who probably shouldn’t have easy access to grenades and tactical “Pen Guns”.

    I realize that this petition trying to get the attention on NFA and the discussion started to relax/repeal most of it, but all of it?

  8. Cal says:

    It would help the cause to have a clear Support link in the article.

  9. Mission Spec says:

    Don’t forget to confirm your signature with the links in the email that is sends to you. Otherwise you don’t count.

  10. Chris B. says:

    Signed. As of 2038 Pacific time 5FEB17 it said 15235 signatures. I checked the page at 2043 and it’s at 15233. And at 2049 it’s still at 15233…? Also passed the link on to others.

  11. Airborne_fister says:

    Get rid of any .gov agency that has anythis to do with limiting the rights of the citizens, I.e. Booze and firearms. Both are in the constitution.

  12. fritz bousigschouer says:

    i did my part too. ban the atf.

  13. Ranger351 says:

    lets keep this going! I did my part as well as forwarded it to others

  14. Joe says:

    Signed, forwarded it on a forum that resulted in tens of additional signatures.

  15. reverend says:

    DONE! Glad to help!

  16. Ben says:

    The problem with the We The People website (which frankly shouldnt even defile the namesake) is that no one listens to it. There’s a section of their website touting the real changes their website felt responsible for. With over half a million petitions and over 50 million signature, you know how many changes there were? Three.

    The only legislation change was when Obama allowed us to switch cell phone carriers. The others were just a couple times the administration supported or condemned publicly, siding with one of the petitions.

    The other half million petitions? (some of them really valid, logical solutions to very real problems)

    It seems the website that claims to be “your voice in government” has fallen on deaf ears.

  17. Janet Reno says:

    Would at least like to see an ID type card, like a CCW permit that simplifies the NFA process – one ID allows you to buy NFA items.

  18. Dellis says:

    10 days left people, still need another 20k plus signatures!