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Blue Force Gear Introduces Custom Vickers Sling Builder

Introducing the Blue Force Gear Custom Vickers Sling Builder. This technology allows you to make the perfect sling for your individual weapon. From unique color combinations of webbing and hardware to hardware sewn on for a specific weapon, it’s all possible now.



4 Responses to “Blue Force Gear Introduces Custom Vickers Sling Builder”

  1. BravoMike says:

    As someone who uses these slings almost exclusively, this is awesome news and a long time coming. Thanks BFG!

  2. FAO Magpul:
    This is how it’s done.

  3. Adam Watts says:

    I would love them to sell only the adjustment slider. Great idea BFG.

  4. Seamus says:

    For anyone looking, as someone who owns several of these for my ARs and work gun, I recommend a simple QD sling swivel on both front and rear with both front and rear sewn on (no triglide) and a simple nylon adjustment slider. I keeps it light, simple, bulk to a minimum, cheaper, and is totally bomb proof. $76 as listed.

    Note that the option for which type of sling swivel, 1in or 1.25in, is not listed. I personally like the 1 inch. saves a tiny bit of weight and bulk and it fits a bit snugger (if that is word) to the sling and since fit is a bit tighter seems to not to rattle as much. Neither are bad options just my taste. These are great slings and worth the money.

    I am currently in the process of sewing on front and rear myself on one of my slings since I purchased it long ago before this was an option. Additionally I do with padded slings were an option here for guys who have to lug around M249s, heavier DMR guns, or if you are like my wife and just like the extra padding.