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GAOS – Veltye Launches New Website

Oddly enough, I often run into local companies while put on the road.  Case in point is Virginia Beach’s Veltye, home of the Hugger Armor Carrier.  They were manning their first ever booth at the Great American Outdoor Show, displaying some of their wares.

We were able to catch up and they told me that they had launched a new website.  Check it out when you get a chance.

One of the products that caught my eye was the E/P Keeper which is designed to give you a place on your gun belt to store your ear pro, keep them handy.  I have used a Petzl Caritool, but many look for something soft rather than the carabiner style.


One Response to “GAOS – Veltye Launches New Website”

  1. PPGMD says:

    I like the idea very much, but it needs an easier hook to use. Something like a trigger snap hook.