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Lancer Tactical Responds to Claims of Counterfeiting Eyewear

We received this email from Lancer Tactical. They offer products for the MilSim market and take issue with a Revision Military press release we recently shared.

To clarify, the “article” referenced by Lancer Tactical was a press release from Revision Military and we had no part in preparing it, as is the case with press releases, which are posted as written by the originator. In a smililar vein, and for the sake of allowing them to tell their side of the story, we have published Lancer Tactical’s note completely and also embedded their press releases.

Recently an article ran on your webpage detailing the claims that Revision made about Lancer Tactical at SHOT Show 2017. Here is a link to your article.

In our industry Soldier Systems carries weight and Lancer Tactical is disappointed that we were not contacted and asked for a statement before the one sided article was posted.

Here is a statement from Lancer Tactical:

To Our Loyal Customers,

It has always been the desire of Lancer Tactical to create airsoft products that hold up well on the airsoft field and will fit the budget of both casual and experienced players alike. Recently, Lancer Tactical has been wrongly and aggressively accused of counterfeiting and been attacked in the news.

An article was recently published with inaccurate information about our company, products, and recent events and we would like to clear some things up. First, Lancer Tactical his not guilty of counterfeiting; at no time did we put another companies logo on our products or mislead anyone about the products origin or value. Second, all Lancer Tactical eyewear has undergone and passed ANSI testing, and although they are not military grade, they are definitely safe to use in airsoft, which is the intended use of the eyewear. Third, the people shown in the headline picture of the article are not related to Lancer Tactical in any way.

We are disappointed in many of the media outlets, because at no time was Lancer Tactical asked for a statement or for our side of the story. The slanderous article was simply posted and reposted with no attempt made to tell both sides of the story.

The safety of airsoft players is very important to us and we work hard to make sure that our safety gear will provide all the protection a player needs on the airsoft field. We are fighting right now for the good name of Lancer Tactical and for all the airsoft players who want access to affordable airsoft gear.

We would like to thank you for supporting us during this time.

Thank you to all,

The Lancer Tactical Team

And our press release:

Press Release February, 2nd 2017

The owners of Lancer Tactical, a Southern-California based company that provides a large selection of airsoft guns, tactical gear and accessories to retailers around the country, stressed this week their continued efforts to provide products to their dedicated customers amid allegations of counterfeiting.

“We would like to thank our customers for their continued support and relationship with us,” Lily Chen, co-owner of Lancer Tactical, said. “We strive hard to provide a large selection of products available domestically at competitive prices. Whether you’re a large retail store, hobby shop or airsoft supplier, we are happy to be in business with you.”

On February 2, Revision, a manufacturer and eyewear supplier, published a press release on their website accusing Lancer Tactical owners of counterfeiting their products. Some of the products they allege that have been counterfeit include goggles from their Locust series.

Chen, who attended SHOT Show, an annual firearms convention in Las Vegas, says the goggles they sell are not counterfeits. She said they do not use any of the branding associated with the Vermont-based company, calling their allegations false.

Lancer Tactical, which continues to release new products every week, has hired a prominent lawyer to handle the dispute with the eyewear company.

Lily Chen said, “We want our customers to know that we take the safety claims that Revision made about our safety goggles very seriously. We have ANSI certifications on all our goggle products, and we strenuously tested them ourselves before releasing them for sale. Our goggles are not made for military service members. They are made to protect airsoft players. Both Lancer Tactical and the ANSI rating technicians feel that they are definitely up to the task.”

We would appreciate anything you could do to rectify the situation and see that both side of the story are told.


20 Responses to “Lancer Tactical Responds to Claims of Counterfeiting Eyewear”

  1. NWJeep says:

    Did no one from Lancer proofread their own press release? lol also, is it wrong that I trust the more reputable company (Revision) in this one?

  2. Marcus says:

    I suppose Lancer will have their day in court, equal time and all that. But six felony charges and warrants issued for people including the person writing this response? I’m going to say that LE and the judge approving these warrants have some fairly substantive proof to back that up.

    Revision has shown itself over the years to be a reputable company who provides quality products to .mil and LEO’s. They have my support on this one.

  3. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    But do they look identical to the Revision products?

  4. Lasse says:

    For a company that sells mainly copies of other companies designs and products they sure think highly of themselves.

  5. SSD says:

    Lancer Tactical,

    As a kid, I learned that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    Making a “jumpable plate carrier” which is a knockoff of a Crye Precision product sure makes it look like you are in the wrong.,-CAMO,-FOLIAGE-GREEN,-OD-GREEN,-COYOTE-BROWN%29.html?cid=894

  6. Horshack says:

    Poor Lancer Tactical- look at all the other knock off crap they sell. Trying to make themselves seem like the good guys here.

  7. Buckaroomedic says:

    Screw these people. I expect Revision to win their day in court and will be pleased to see these forgers go to jail.

  8. LanSer Tactical says:

    Here at LanSer Tactical, we like to sell many happy products identical to what U.S. based company spend thousand and thousand of money dollars to develop in order to earn their soul livelihood. We copy pride ourselves in stitch for stitch “replicas” for copy our air-soft warrior customers as they demand to look and feel copy just like the real-life commandos that they imitate. Plus, all of items provide protection from fake bullets and grenades. (not air-soft RPG’s though)

    We don’t go so far copy as to put other company logos copy on our products as that would clearly be wrong.

  9. Noodl3Ninja says:

    What I find hilarious is that they never really respond to the fact that there were warrants out for their arrests. This wasn’t just a “he said, she said” but a legitimate operation against their company. Also isn’t the person writing this press release wanted in connection to the fraud???

  10. LanSer Tactical says:

    We make full time happy copy commando uniform too! Protect against bullet and magic shell copy soul.

    No labels, no foul!

    • Double Happiness Copy War Game Man says:

      Dear LanSer Tactical

      Does MODERN CAMO (NOTHING LIKE CRYE MULTICAM – no branding ) offer elegant in fashion and variety function design?

      Will special design make you fondle admiringly?

      Airsoft warrior enjoys fun of shoot and want to use exotic product googles happily and feel assured and enjoy the convenience that high copy science and technology brings mankind,

      To shoot your load with accuracy, and let intense emotion float into the sky.

      Such is simple, the simplicity is comfortable, best choice be best life!

  11. AGL Bob says:

    That’s strange – I don’t see anything about ANSI specs on their web site.

  12. Elisara says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen lancer’s replicas. They buy fabric that is direct copies of Kryptek and Multicam. You put them side by side with the real thing and there is no way to tell them apart except that the logo is missing. I’m no lawyer -that may not be counterfeiting in the legal sense, but it’s definitely theft of intellectual property. Kryptek and Crye have design patents on those patterns.

  13. Lanser Tac,

    You forgot to close your letter by stating :

    ” BTW , All your bases are belong to us ! ”


  14. Good point SSD – How bout 1 more. Here’s another link to them with pretty much a stitch for stitch knock off of our Banshee Plate Carrier –,-BLACK,-CAMO,-OD-GREEN,-TAN%29.html?cid=894

    Not the first, and probably won’t be the last.

  15. Alex Socci says:

    Yeah, you have to be an idiot to claim that your in no wrong when 75%+ of your products are direct counterfeits of other peoples work. Especially when those products are mostly made by USA companies, IN THE USA, and your product is a cheap Chinese knock off.