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Team MultiCam Premiers First Video in Ambassador Profile Series

Release of Brand Ambassador, Jeff Provenzano Documentary Profile to be First of Many Throughout the Year

Brooklyn, NY – MultiCam®, a camouflage pattern designed for use in a wide range of conditions, has announced the premier of their Team MultiCam® Brand Ambassador series with the release of the Jeff Provenzano Documentary feature.

This fist video in the series, set to premiere February 17th on MultiCam®’s YouTube channel, is focused on the highly skilled professional skydiver and base jumper.

Provenzano has over 17,000 jumps and is a member of the Red Bull Airforce skydiving team. Traveling the world and entertaining thousands, his talents have also secured his place as a stuntman for movies and television. Provenzano’s mastery of the sport is sought after by many, including the military who look to him to train their elite Special Operations units in more advanced skydiving techniques.

Provenzano maintains a tremendous amount of respect for the military, lending to his dedication to raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation through the Team MultiCam® Military Charity Initiative, via his GoFundMe page, which donates directly to the Foundation.

Provenzano has stated that he is, “making it a priority in 2017 to do all [he] can to help those that have done so much for [him] and this country.”

MultiCam® is proud to showcase the remarkable talents of Provenzano, and hopes that by spotlighting him viewers will donate to the Navy SEAL Foundation and will discover all that the organization does for our service members.

Jeff’s GoFundMe Page

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