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IWA – Karrimor SF Manufacturing Danish Army Packs

British pack company Karrimor SF displayed three packs they are building for the Danish Army. While the samples were in various colors, the issue items are all MultiCam. Additionally, all three are PALS compatible and the Odin features a removable hibpbelt and interface to work with TYR Tactical’s Brokos Belt and Pico carrier which are both issued to Danish forces.


Odin is a 75 liter pack with a single main compartment accessible via a 3/4 zip. The main compartment can be sectioned off for carriage of a sleeping bag and there is a half moon sleeping bag compartment opening to access it. Additionally, the Odin offers a beavertail panel for the external carriage of helmets or jackets. There is also internal PALs webbing to attach radios.


Thor is a 40 liter patrol pack with a 3/4 zip access to its main compartment. There is an additional pocket with zipper access in the lid. Internal PALs allows radio carriage.


Loki works as a load hauler for items such as water jugs or Pelican cases. Additionally, a wide range of equipmeng can be attached via the large PALs field.



13 Responses to “IWA – Karrimor SF Manufacturing Danish Army Packs”

  1. Ipkiss says:

    I must say, the Danes certainly seem to have their stuff together. Crye uniforms for all and these packs look great too.

    • Nicolas says:

      Only Danish SOF get issued Crye, but you are allowed to wear it for field og some garrison use.

    • Lasse says:

      They don’t have Crye uniforms, except for SOF. I think they are designed by a UK company whos name I forget. They do however use Multicam, have an excellent PC and belt system by TYR and their helmets are Revision. They have some weird weapon choices but Danes are weird.

      • Keld says:

        Weird weapon choices?
        C8IUR, M60E6, HK 417, Sako TRG, AX-50, Carl Gustaf 84mm to name a few.
        I think those are pretty good choices. :)

        • Lasse says:

          I didn’t say bad, I said weird. C8IUR, M60E6 and the M10 40mm are all weird in my opinion.

      • Alex says:

        Revision helmets are junk from what I’ve heard from Danes. Tyr PC is good but most don’t use the X Frame, too unwieldy.

  2. Reseremb says:

    Are these packs and belts going to be equipped with Tyr’s ONUS? been waiting for those for a while

  3. Rickred says:

    The Norse gods shudder at their names used on Karimoor bags.

  4. M8rine45 says:

    Not enough room for patches

  5. Gar says:

    available to the public?

    • Matt says:

      Yeah, I think so, and quite decently priced:

      I’ve had a cheapo Karrimor Kodiak 30 that I got for maybe £30 a few years back for day hiking around Snowdonia and work; its outlasted way more expensive kit that I’ve had, which I didn’t expect when I bought it. The thing is bloody bombproof; its been thrown in and out of helicopters, in and out of cars, bounced around rock faces etc. Its great gear.

      This looks like a good alternative to the Arcteryx Khard series, which I’ve always liked the format of, so I think I’ll be p**sing the wife off and buying one of these.

    • Matt says:


      Starting at £135 is pretty good to be fair, looks like a cheaper Arcteryx Khard style pack.

      Karrimor kit is good; I’ve got one of their cheap civilian packs for day trips into the Snowdonia mountains and working with SAR; its great. It holds enough gear, its got external options to hold soft items and for £35ish, its lasted ages, considering the number of times it was thrown around inside helicopters, trucks and rocky mountains. I still use it to this day.