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Claw Gear – New Line Of Laser Cut Mag Pouches

Swiss brand, Claw Gear, introduced a new line of laser cut magazine pouches during IWA. Made from a composite material called Tacticoat. 

They are similar to many other products on the market with integrated, PALS compatibility. Except, for two things. First off, they are being offered by a European brand, which gives them a leg up in that market.

Second, they developed a means to keep the flap handy, in the event you need to replace the magazine in the pouch. The flap falls forward on the pouch and stays put via Velcro.

This image shows the colors available.

Additionally, they’ve introduced a belt with laser cut PALS slots. It’s called the KD-One and uses a G-hook to secure the running eod of the adjuster. The two G-hooks on either side of the belt in this photo are there to hold the belt for display.


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  1. Mountainman92 says:

    Been looking for a good mag pouch. Looks similar to hypalon