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PPTranger Puts The Modern Profession Of Arms Into Perspective 



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  1. Greg says:

    It might not be common knowledge, but rancid pork gives you super powers.

  2. Jon says:

    Linear tactics must have been some scary stuff. There is a general perception that the Colonial Army hid behind rocks and trees and shot the dumb british… but we were getting kicked around until we trained up and could actually go toe to toe on battlefield.

  3. CWG says:

    Has to be written by someone in the Airforce or a III%er clown, as that is an 11 pound rifle loaded easy, and the militiaman is a slighty better dressed JRTC Opfor dude. While getting shot probably sucks on team fight light there in the militia, you would be hard pressed to find a (real) Soldier who has deployed and played OPfor at Yak/JRTC/NTC who thinks its easier to fight with 150 pounds of shit on than carrying a rifle, canteen and a sandwich.

    Oh, and calling a Muj who spent 6 months in training in Pakistan an “18th Century Tribesman” is a hoot.

    Crazy how much perspective people think they have inside the wire. Then again someone who doesn’t know that our 18th century tribesmen enemies have comms, uavs, intel networks, IDF and other capabilities probably hasn’t even rode a plane over to check out a green beans.

    Now WW1…fucking fighting with shovels in mustard gas. Oh and sorry we don’t have enough money to pay you, heres an IOU and socialized medicine that prescribes a lobotomy for PTSD.

    Shit there are plenty of wars people have fought in that I wouldn’t want to, but strangely enough my vietnam, WW2/Korea family members says they would rather do that again then fight in the gear pile we have to.

    Drives me nuts that people need to degrade (any) combat vets, and honestly it could only come from someone who has never done it.

    • some dude says:

      Yeah I tend to agree. Calling Haqqani Network or HIG dirt farming tribesmen puts on blast that you know little of counter terrorism or the networks that have fed the conflict in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

      The “Not shown” bit is also pretty bollocks for a lot of combat guys. Especially those running across multiple provinces in a JTF.

      Carry on though, let’s continue to denigrate modern combat veterans.

    • SVGC says:

      Lighten up Francis.

    • balais says:

      There are no americans today who are as hard as the average 18th century colonial. Probably a handful of homesteaders or seasonal immigrants, but thats it.

      The comparison is actually pretty correct, even if it is humorous.

      Ever read about valley forge?

  4. jjj0309 says:

    HaHa, Nice Post! Well meme’d, Mr. Graves!

  5. Snake says:

    That M4A1 is *tad* bit heavier than 6.9lbs with all those attached accessories…

  6. DAN III says:


    Fact of the matter is an unorganized, not-drafted, non-professional, multitude of “raghead” light infantry, has kept the US Army at bay for nearly a generation. Hell, why are we even in that shithole ?

    25+ years and counting, longest “war” in American history, surpassing the debacle that was Vietnam.

    Truth hurts, eh ?

    • Yawnz says:

      Yes, because, as we all know, it’s the Army’s fault and has nothing at all to do with the politician class interfering with bad policy and ROE that work against the average soldier, right?

      I mean, it must’ve been the Wehrmacht’s general incompetence that lead them to having the tables turned on them at Stalingrad and had nothing at all to do with Hitler’s demands that the 6th Army not try to break out, not to mention the overall folly that was Operation Barbarossa.

      What about the British Army at Isandlwana? Yep, totally the fault of the common professional solidery and not the Politician-General class, with their long baggage trains and underestimation of the enemy, that 1300-1400 British troops got slaughtered by 20,000 spear-carrying tribesmen. What about in Crimea? The Light Brigade didn’t get chopped to pieces because of Lord Raglan’s shit leadership (let’s not fail to mention his commission was due to his social status, along with many of his subordinate commanders), right? Must’ve been because they were a bunch of retards on horses I guess.

      I mean shit, what about Teutoburger Wald or Little Bighorn? Yep, nothing at all to do with people in positions of power who’re unfit to lead. Must be the fault of “the army”.

      As for Vietnam, go educate yourself before shooting your mouth off. The “debacle” saw less than 60K American and around 300K SV military dead in a decade vs 400L- 1 mil NVA/VC dead. The only reason why we “lost” was because, after forcing North Vietnam to the negotiating table a second time (through force of arms), they took advantage of the Democrat Party’s reneging on Nixon’s promise to resupply the South Vietnamese on a 1:1 basis after Ford took office due to Nixon resigning and violated the Paris Peace Accords.

      • DAN III says:


        I’m well aware of the damn DEBACLE of the Vietnam War. “Shooting” my mouth off ? How compassionate of you to thump your chest proudly that only 58,000+ dead and hundreds of thousands wounded in a civil war we had no business interfering in, were America’s casualties. Amazing to me, in your arrogance, how you besmirch the memory of not only the many dead and wounded Americans killed and wounded there but, your arrogance knows no bounds as you dismiss the lives ruined of the families….the wives, the mothers, the fathers, the sisters, the brothers, the sons, the daughters of those who came home in body bags. You dismiss the wounded and the scars they bear…..those still with us….and you discount those dead and dying at the hands of Agent Orange. Certainly, lets not shed a tear for those hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese troops, North and South, slaughtered by our imperialistic arrogance. Hell, we killed more of them “gooks” then they killed us….HOOAH ! What a deal.

        As for your little “history” lessons you use in an attempt to justify 12 years in Vietnam and 25 continuing years in the Afghanistan, Iraq….spare me the rhetoric. After less than 5 years of war, senior officers of the Wehrmacht, Count Stauffenberg and his fellow German Patriots, soldiers, attempted to end the slaughter with their failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler, 20 JUL 44. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel himself, the Desert Fox, would be murdered at Hitler’s hand via forced suicide.

        The German military acknowledged their responsibilities in prosecuting “politician” Hitler’s war and attempted to do something about it. What have American military leaders done ? Yeah….that’s right….nothing. Nothing but prosecute more than 19 undeclared wars since 1946 for their politician handlers. With not a whimper. “Yessir, yessir….three bags full !” But, YOU pass the buck to those evil politicians.

        Here’s a little axiom for you from that Vietnam War era where “less than 60k American and around 300K SV military dead (you dishonor their sacrifice by your indifferent use of dumb, lazy arrogant, abbreviations): “What if they gave a war and no one came ?”

        Go to hell Yawnz !

        • Yawnz says:

          Whether or not it was “our business” isn’t up to you. We told them we would back them up and they expected us to. They wanted us there, so to claim it wasn’t “our business” is outright ignoring history. If you told your friend you’d help him in a fight, would turn your back on him once said fight actually happened?

          While you’re at it, learn some math.

          2017-2001=16 in Afghanistan
          2017-2003=14 in Iraq

          Nowhere can you get 25 years in those countries.

          Who’s passing the buck now? The politicians are the ones who make policy, ergo they are at fault for the problems their policies create. Do you blame the patient when a doctor prescribes the wrong medication?

          Also, abbreviations are abbreviations, anything else you got out of it is purely your opinion. Not mentioning the wounded isn’t “dismissing them” you mouth breather, so stow your undeserved moral grandstanding and outrage.

    • Chuck says:

      Fuck you, commie. You just insulted every vet that’s had to go trudging through that shithole as well as every vet that went trudging through the jungle or crept through the rubble in Hue City zipping fools so you can hide behind your keyboard and talk shit.

      • DAN III says:


        Read my reply to your Yawnz.

        In our youth we, many of us, raised our right hands. Thinking we would defend the nation against “enemies foreign and domestic”. Years later I am much wiser. Knowing what I know today I would have never raised my hand.

        I’ve lost friends and troops I’ve trained, killed and maimed in Afghanistan and Iraq. I’m still losing friends to Agent Orange years after they came home from Vietnam.

        Isn’t it time our friends and family say “No” to a government and military that will kill foreigners who never attacked us ? Yet, our borders are wide open with invaders having been welcomed, with open arms, by a communist regime ensconsed in OUR White House for 8 years ?

        Chuck, I give you there are a multitude of “commies” imbedded in the United States Congress. Along with an individual who usurped the office of POTUS for 8 years. Those are the enemies of Freedom along with a voluntary military that goes wherever they’re told to by the politicians.

        Isn’t it time to say “no” ?

      • balais says:

        Its not insulting to me at all, its the truth. And i doubt people like you understand the peculiarities of communism and marxism to even make a qualified opinion about it.

        Hows that fawning sycophancy turning out? Oh right. Its 2017 and iraq and afghanistan are teetering on failed state status.

  7. Jon says:

    Wow I was hoping this post would go all historical / funny. Kinda took a turn for the worst.

    • joe08 says:

      Yeah I though we would spend some time honoring vets from 200 years ago, but I guess we’re here.

      • SSD says:


      • BillC says:

        It looks like a few people are extra grumpy on a Monday morning, for what is essentially a joke.

        • some dude says:

          I really don’t care. This is an extremely clumsy version of a joke I’ve been seeing/hearing for years now.

          “Aiming Sight” and not TA01NSN??? Common now.

          I know SSD has BTDT and he’s entitled to tell/reblog whatever crummy jokes he wants about our dudes. I’ll still spoon him in a foxhole.

  8. Paul says:

    Wow. Quick to escalate.

  9. Texas-Roll-Over says:

    For anyone looking for an awesome historical firearms library, head over the the Chickamauga National Military Park in GA.

    Its incredible!

  10. Ed says:

    Inside kinda joke, A buddy of mine from a sister Troop used to say, “those that fought before us back in those times make us look like dress makers today!”

    Stand by for incoming!

  11. Luke says:

    Nice – I may just have to print this out.

  12. Stefan S. says:

    FYI, That guy on the right gave you what you have now. As a American Revolutionary War historian, and Son of the American Revolution, they carried more than that. Their uniforms were issued new once. You were lucky to have a coat to sleep on the cold wet ground. If you’ve ever worn straight last shoes all day, you appreciate what they did even more. Most had to go barefoot for months. Frequently marched and fought starving. Rations were usually vinegar, rice and if you’re lucky horsemeat. So no bitching about CIF. Those Continentals endured a lot more than you and whooped those Lobsterback’s collective asses.

    • Kaos-1 says:

      And they had beer, whiskey, and rum.
      What do we get ?, that 3 horses near beer bullshit.