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RE Factor Tactical – Aggressor Kit


The Aggressor from RE Factor Tactical offers the user a low profile pack that can mount to their plate carrier or be worn as a backpack. It houses a pull-out sleeve that holds mission essential items and can be removed by a pull tab for quick access with either hand.

Offered in Black, Tan and Ranger Green.



10 Responses to “RE Factor Tactical – Aggressor Kit”

  1. Ed says:

    Any plans for a Multicam patterned one?

  2. Ed says:

    Any plans for them to make a version in Multicam?

  3. Ed says:

    ^ computer issues, the post wasn’t visible when I hit “submit” twice.

  4. Adun says:

    It is interesting to me that they put the water on the outside of the pouch instead of the inside. Wouldn’t you want the heavier object closer to your back?

    • mike says:

      Kind of what I was thinking Adun …. maybe I just haven’t done enough cool guy stuff in my life but I always wondered how you get these stuff sacks back up in there after you’re done with them too. Seems … awkward at best, grabbing a buddy to put it in there at worst.

      • The reason was we wanted to make the outside pocket expandable. Had we placed it against the inside you would be limited to the amount of items you could fit in it to include the size of the hydration bladder. The expandable pocket on the outside allows you to fit additional items such as an IV Bag, breaching charges or comms equipment. We first designed it with the bladder against the back and it ended up messing with the function of the sleeve insert pull out and limited what you could fit in there.

        Also the weight of the water that can fit in there isn’t much more than the sleeve that is full of medical equipment.

  5. Ex Coelis says:

    Exceeding cool design that gives a flexible alternative to variations of the Modular Assault Pack that are currently available. Really like the carrier’s pull-out concept. Hugely cool. And available in MultiCam® soon? Massive cool!! Well done, RE Factor!!!

    P.S. absolutely love your TNT molecule patches and Pain Train stickers!! Killer… Got to get me some. ;0)