New liner system released for the EXFIL Carbon Helmet

CLEVELAND – Team Wendy has made updates to the EXFIL Carbon Helmet liner by implementing a new liner design based on the latest Revolve™ TPU liner system. This new design will improve the overall comfort and fit of the helmet and includes a removable center channel for improved communications headset compatibility. The updated liner will also provide the highest blunt force impact protection offered by tactical bump helmets.


Customers have a choice to order the Carbon helmet with either the new Revolve TPU liner or the Zorbium® foam liner.


The Carbon Helmet is available through and authorized Team Wendy dealers.

Learn more about the EXFIL® Carbon Helmet:


5 Responses to “New liner system released for the EXFIL Carbon Helmet”

  1. cy says:

    I wonder if they gave her one of their helmets after the bludgeoning she took from Trump.

  2. BTS says:

    Looks an awful lot like A7’s MOC-34 pad system doesn’t it.

  3. cy says:

    Her being Hillary Clinton.

  4. Anon says:

    Forgot the companys name – but @SSD, there´s some eye wear manufactur efrom the US (something with a 7 in the name I think)
    I runned into their FB page where they announced some “ground breaking” padding system with a layer of energy absorbing mini-levers.
    You could report that aswell 😉