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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Hoodlum Hoodie

The Hoodlum Hoodie utilizes ACM-MID 400 which is a bicomponent knit with 100% polyester interior and 100% merino wool exterior. Features a comfortable fit that still has quite a bit of stretch to it.

Full length front zipper and a form fitting hood with two front hand warmer pockets which incorporate zip closures as well as thumb holes built into the wrist over style cuffs. The Hoodlum Hoodie can be worn stand-alone or as a component of a clothing system.



2 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Hoodlum Hoodie”

  1. Lcpl1066 says:

    Can anyone say how the poly on the inside would affect the FR propperties of the wool?

    • Luke says:

      Not an expert, but I’d just recommend a zero poly tolerance policy if FR is a concern at all. I’ve Bic tested some blends with very high wool content and very low poly content and they still burn like a plastic bag.

      For those of us that don’t need FR, this blend is probably the bee’s knees.