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Crye Precision – LVS Now Available

The LVS from Crye Precision is now available. We first showed it to you at SHOT Show 2016. The first thing you will notice is that the LVS base vest requires no external carrier at all. This is due to their unique “Insert As Vest™” architecture. In fact, although it’s stiffened, there is a special storage system to ensure the vest is stored properly to keep its shape.

It uses their proprietary 3 dimensional forming technology which shapes the vest to directly match the contours of the human body. This means a new level of concealment and comfort that only this production process can deliver. Because it is molded, the armor will not crumple and fold up in the bottom of the carrier.

You’re generally going to wear the LVS Base Vest concealed. However, there are multiple covers available for the LVS, for various purposes. The Base Vest is Grey in color and offered in Small – 2XLarge in regular and tall sizes. LVS is Certified NIJ-0101.06 Type IIIA. Optional side armor panels are also available.

Yes, it’s comfortable. Yes, people have been wearing it for quite awhile and no, the sweat issue you’re going to bring up isn’t much of an issue, so long as you take care of your equipment and wipe it down after use.


15 Responses to “Crye Precision – LVS Now Available”

  1. Ted Friel says:

    This is an amazing piece of gear. It’s so lightweight and comfortable. I’m very excited that the future of body armor is finally here.

    • CWG says:

      Gotta be honest, all of this vests fancy features seem to fix problems that my 65 dollar TAG Havoc Carrier with Velocity Balcs and X Sapis never had even after a year of wearing in Afghanistan.

      But hey if Uncle Sam is footing the bill I’d wear one.

      • tcba_joe says:

        I’ll bet that your Havoc/BALCS/SAPI carrier is in no way comparable in design and purpose to the LVS.

        • CWG says:

          You’re right, this is definitely not a low vis vest for wearing under indig pr civilian clothing to be paired with thin special threat plates so you can go for walks in dangerous places.

  2. Will says:

    Yeah, but can they mold in abs? That’d be sweet. Maybe a molded in groin protector/dong enhancer….

  3. Bman says:

    Any idea on weight or other specs beyond the NIJ rating? I eat checked the link and downloaded the brochure but with no luck. I wonder how it stacks up against Point Blank Alpha Elite Black which to my knowledge, is the lightest/thinnest 3A vest at the moment. It has outlast smart fabric to reduce heat, and supposedly the straps are breathoprene. Very curious to see the specs compared.

  4. TDN Kosugi says:

    Seems sort of redundant since one advantage of soft armor is its flexibility.

  5. John C says:

    The price is actually quite reasonable, a little better than Safariland/ADAs offerings.

  6. Spf says:

    My soft armor is due for replacement this year and I’ve been looking at new options. I too was unable to find a weight per sq ft or panel thickness. I called Crye CS and while they were nice, they just weren’t very helpful. Crye is smart people but I don’t get the need for add on side coverage. I wish them luck but to compete with the PB Alpha Elite in the LE market, they might consider side coverage and publishing some specs.

  7. Alex says:

    I ordered one in February, and it arrived yesterday. I’ve been wearing it concealed ~12hrs over a t-shirt and under a cover garment. The LVS is a thousand times more comfortable than my old DBT Synergy IIIA (circa 2014). I think Crye has created something special here but the LVS probably won’t fit every mission need.

  8. some other joe says:

    To be clear
    *I’m looking at Velcro straps attached to my inserts, correct?
    *The inserts have some level of rigidity that makes the more conforming to human beings
    *The rigidity and shape is a property of anew armor material and not tailoring
    *Requires a separate carrier for plates worn over insert/vest and under the covert or overt cover? Why aren’t covers (particularly the overt one) designed to properly handle plates?
    *Requires custom fitting or off-the-shelf in more/less/same sizes than NATO paradigm? Female and/or “alternate” body type sizing (or in development)?

  9. some other joe says:

    Additionally, are the inserts frag or stab rated? I assume no since it’s not mentioned.