SIG P329

No, The USMC Isn’t Adopting Suppressors For Everyone

Despite stories all over the Internet about a Marine Corps deployment to Norway where every weapon is suppressed, the service isn’t adopting suppressors across the board. It is part of a Marine Corps Warfighting Lab experiment. Nothing has changed from the update we gave you two weeks ago.

On another note, Mr Woodburn was asked during a Q&A period about when we should expect the test report for last year’s suppressor evaluation. He said that it should be ready by Fall but that the Marine Corps’ suppressor priority was for its Medium Machine Guns. Scuttlebutt suggests that the Marines noted a decrease in range during the evaluation when used with the M4 and M27. Furthermore, Mr Woodburn mentioned that the Marines are interested in finding a suppressor that is compatible with the M27, which could be construed as further evidence of the Marine Corps’ intent to field more M27s. Or, it could mean that the IAR would be next in line after the suppression of the medium machinegun fleet.

There still isn’t a requirement for additional suppressors in the GCE. Until there is, this is just an experiment.

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