EXOTAC’s latest invention, the nanoSPARK is available via a Kickstarter campaign.

nanoSPARK is a one-handed firestarter which incorporates a flint wheel to create sparks. It also features a built-in waterproof tinder storage capsule with room for an additional flint or two.

-Lightweight (0.6oz) self-contained firestarter
-Waterproof tinder storage capsule
-Low friction brass flint wheel pivot design
-Easily replaceable flints (use Exotac flints for best performance but Zippo flints work as well).
-CNC machined aluminum ultimate durability
-Attachment point ideal for a lanyard or keychain
-Each nanoSPARK comes with 5 pieces of quickLIGHT tinder
-Patent Pending design
-Made in the USA


One Response to “EXOTAC nanoSPARK”

  1. Chris O'Crooh says:

    Oh… Sounds like a Zippo reload.