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TacJobs – AMERICAN | kinetix

AMERICAN | kinetix offers a wide variety of opportunities around the world. We seek top performers with a background of mission support, intelligence, security, training, air operations and life support in austere environments. At AX, you are part of a dynamic team with commitment to our customers.


Physician (OCONUS)
Shift Leader (OCONUS)
Security Operator (OCONUS)
Restricted Area Supervisor (OCONUS)
Operations Center Specialist (OCONUS)
IT / Technical Support Specialist (OCONUS)
Physician Assistant / Medical Technician (OCONUS)
Administrative and Logistics Security Specialist (OCONUS)

AMERICAN | kinetix is a global intelligence, protection and training firm. Founded in 2003 by former veteran Tier 1 US military special operations and intelligence professionals, AX brings the proper skills and knowledge for our clients worldwide.


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  1. Raider says:

    Anyone else having issues on their website? Wondering if you need a specific browser or additional plug ins.

    • AX Global says:

      Raider –

      Our apologies that you’re having trouble. It works on most browser platforms. We’ve never had reports of problems before. But thank you for pointing out that you are. What browser and edition are you using? We will try to resolve it.
      In the meantime, feel free to email directly.