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SILYNX Communications Selected as Communications Protection/Enhancement System for TACOPS Talaria All-In-One Communications Pack

STERLING, VIRGINIA – SILYNX Communications (SILYNX), a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of ruggedized, in-ear hearing protection and headset systems, announces the selection of the CLARUS system as the push-to-talk and headset ensemble for the TACOPS® Talaria All-In-One communications pack by TSSi (Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc.).

The CLARUS system is the world’s smallest and lightest headset system. The CLARUS simplifies the user’s operation and accessibility to the PTT switches on the miniaturized control unit. CLARUS provides impulse and steady state noise protection, with electronic hear-thru, in both noisy and normal environments. As part of the Talaria system, Clarus provides intercom interoperability, clear communications, sound localization for 360 degree situational awareness, and active hearing protection to conserve hearing in the most dangerous environments.

The TACOPS® Talaria All-in-One Communications Pack – created by TSSi — allows any communicator the ability to establish communications over VHF and UHF bands with hands free push-to-talk and an amplified signal while providing all the needed equipment in a single part number and a custom made C4I bag. The Talaria’s unique design allows for storage of all equipment and coax without having to route through external MOLLE adapters. Each communicator will have the ability to establish worldwide communication at their fingertips while reducing their pack weight by at least 22 pounds.

The Talaria system is available now directly from TSSi at or from Silynx at, or through GSA and TLS contracts.


4 Responses to “SILYNX Communications Selected as Communications Protection/Enhancement System for TACOPS Talaria All-In-One Communications Pack”

  1. Nobbyj says:

    Honestly, the silynx system is very poor and I find it hard to see why governments place contracts with them.

    • SSD says:

      What do you mean by very poor?

      • Benb says:

        I have the Clarus Pro and I find the sound quality to be pretty bad if I turn the hear thru up past medium. With it set to medium I can barely detect that the hear thru is doing anything.

        I love how small and light their systems are, but I wish they had better sound quality.

      • ChrisW says:

        We’ve experienced a lot of growing pains with the Clarus as well. We received them last fall as part of an upgrade to APX radios. Incoming comms were great, but outgoing comms were rarely clear. Our radio techs have done their best tweaking the internal settings of the radios, and the Silynx units are finally usable, but the boom mic is mandatory. Even then, we still experience some strange distortions from time to time.