EuroOptic Welcomes New CEO Jonah Gregory

Montoursville, PA (July 1st, 2017) — EuroOptic, LTD announced today that it has named Jonah Gregory as its new CEO, appointing him internally from the Chief Technology Officer role to this new leadership position.

Mr. Gregory has led the technical and marketing teams for EuroOptic for over 2 years, with a background in both the high tech industries (Cisco, Azuki Systems, Ericsson) and in the firearms industry, with significant management experience in all.

“EuroOptic’s story is one of stellar customer service and a ton of hard work – one that I’m proud to be a part of. We take a lot of pride that we’re out there doing the same things our customers are, and then when you give us a call, you’re talking to another hunter, long-range shooter, or outdoorsman. The opportunity to help shape this company going forward is an honor”, said Mr. Gregory.

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One Response to “EuroOptic Welcomes New CEO Jonah Gregory”

  1. Dawn Blanchard says:

    I know Jonah as a friend and fellow believer. This promotion is so well-deserved and those privileged to have their lives enriched through his leadership will change the world. He will never ask anyone to go or perform where he has not already paved the way and limited the obstacles. He is honorable, intelligent, dedicated and compassionate. This was a smart business move, EuroOptic.