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DPS Skis Inks Deal MultiCam to Produce Military and Tactical Skis – Innovative Product to be Showcased at ADS, Inc.’s Warrior Expo

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – July 10, 2017 – DPS, makers of the world’s most advanced pre-pregnated carbon skis, has entered into an agreement with MultiCam® to produce skis that feature the MultiCam Alpine™ pattern. DPS will offer these specialty skis to the military and tactical market through a new custom order program.

The MultiCam Alpine™ pattern was developed to effectively reduce the visual and near-IR signature of a person operating in snow-covered environments. The pattern of the graphic is intended to be used in every area of operation that receives significant snowfall.

Although the MultiCam Alpine™ pattern employed in this program will primarily be coupled with DPS’ award-winning lightweight Tour1 family of skis, the distinctive pattern can also be paired with any DPS model. To demonstrate the possibilities of this program, DPS prototyped a pair of 2017/18 Alchemist Wailer 99s with the snow-specific camouflage graphic.

DPS will showcase the new product at ADS Inc.’s Warrior Expo East, a premier industry event designed to bring innovative operational solutions together with military, government, and law enforcement professionals.

For more information, and to view a pair of these exceptional tactical tools, visit booth #1309 at the Warrior Expo East show in Virginia Beach, Virginia July 13-14, 2017.

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8 Responses to “DPS Skis Inks Deal MultiCam to Produce Military and Tactical Skis – Innovative Product to be Showcased at ADS, Inc.’s Warrior Expo”

  1. A Russell says:

    I pitty the fool who gets ejected while wearing a pair of these and then has to go looking for them. But in all seriousness, those’re some damn sexy skis.

  2. Woody says:

    Are the bases white or Multicam Alpine?

  3. redbeard says:

    Believe all DPS skis have black bases

  4. Ed says:

    I asked this question before direct to SSD, is there a type of boot and binding that the operator can wear/use both dual for skiing an dthen dismounted from said skis?? I saw the “Tora-Bora” boots are adaptable for crampons and skis but can find no binding currently in production that is compatible with the Tora-Bora for X-Ski or Telemark. Any help??

    • Marcus Brody says:

      To find what you’re looking for, I would first purchase a fedora and bullwhip

  5. Marc says:

    Those are alpine touring skis, so you need alpine touring or telemark bindings (and boots). For military ops I’d rather go touring, preferably insert-type bindings (called Low-tech on the European market) and ski-alpinism boots (check the Arc’teryx Procline). Definitely a good setup for alpine recce patrol.

  6. Pro Patria says:

    There is a new binding coming soon that will allow an agnostic ski binding allowing you to ski in any boot. The company has not released it publicly, only at select events for the US military.

  7. Pro Patria says:

    There is also this binding, but none of the Canadians we have worked with have ever seen it issued: