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Guide to Plate Carriers by U.S. Elite

There are dozens of different designs and variations that make selecting the right carrier a daunting decision. Finding the right configuration and sizing is crucial, as an uncomfortable, ill-equipped carrier is anything but useful. Head on to U.S. Elite’s blog and read about their guide and join the discussion. They not only want to make sure you find the right gear but the setup should also be done correctly, ensuring that mission critical items are ready.

Speaking of plate carriers, do you know that Velocity Systems SCARAB Light Plate Carrier comes in MultiCam Black? This piece is a U.S. Elite exclusive, as seen from the best selling graphic novel, Black Powder Red Earth. Oh, and the perfect shirt for that of course, is the new Velocity Systems Boss Rugby Crewneck Shirt.

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7 Responses to “Guide to Plate Carriers by U.S. Elite”

  1. tirod says:

    Wish I had one of those back in the days working in an Area Group Support HQ’s.

  2. Paul_M says:

    If you wear one as shown and another the correct way, you’ll look like a bullet-proof pupae!

  3. JW says:

    That is my best friend in that pic. He was a “Special” Operator

  4. EagleHawk says:

    The picture shows the first steps in mating an Eagle CIRAS and. A Blackhawk whatever vest together to form…the armored Michelin man

  5. Another Ed says:

    Extreme CYA.

  6. ZEKEDOGG says:

    Ahhh, the ballistic diaper.