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Propper 4PV Armor Records First Save

St. Charles, MO — Troup County (GA) Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Hockett, 24 years old and newly married, recently became the best kind of statistic – a survivor – thanks in part to his Propper 4PV concealable armor.

According to the sheriff’s office, Hockett was responding just before noon on January 9 to a welfare check call in the rural community when he was allegedly shot by Matthew Edmonson multiple times with a shotgun-type weapon, including in the side, where the 4PV he was wearing under his uniform stopped the projectiles from penetrating. Hockett returned fire, striking the suspect once in the shoulder, then retreated to his vehicle, where he called for backup as he drove to safety. In all, Hockett was struck in the forehead, side, hand, and elbow. The suspect was later taken into custody by the SWAT team after a long standoff.

The Sheriff’s Office released the following statement:

Around 11:55 [January 9th, 2017] a Deputy with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a residence on Jackson St in Troup County regarding a welfare check on an individual. When the deputy arrived he exited his vehicle to go around a fence toward the house and heard what he described as a banging sound. As he looked in the direction of the noise he saw a white male firing a gun at him. The deputy then retreated at which time the individual got into a truck and began driving toward the deputy. At that point the individual exited his truck and began firing at the deputy who announced to the person that he was a deputy and the deputy returned fire striking the male who then got in the truck and went back to the house.
The deputy, Michael Hockett, was struck by gunfire and was able to retreat to his vehicle and call for further assistance and was transported to West Georgia Medical Center where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries and released a short time later.
At 6:25 PM the suspect, identified as 28 year old Matthew Edmondson, was arrested without further incident after coming out of the residence he had been held up in since the incident began. Edmondson was assessed on scene by emergency personnel and was transported to Columbus Medical Center for a gunshot wound to his shoulder.
The scene has been turned over to the GBI and charges are pending against Edmondson. Nothing further at this time.

“We are extremely grateful that the vest did its job and Deputy Hockett survived this potentially deadly encounter,” said Skip Church, Vice President of Armor Products for Propper. “The four-panel design of the 4PV placed the protection where he needed it. A typical two-piece vest would not have performed as well.”

The 4PV’s four-panel system includes separate side panels that bridge the gap between the front and back panels, filling in the vulnerable opening found in two-piece designs.

Hockett was presented with a brand new replacement vest courtesy of Propper at a ceremony honoring his bravery. This is the first recorded save by a Propper 4PV since the company began making armor in 2014.

Dashcam footage of the incident.


6 Responses to “Propper 4PV Armor Records First Save”

  1. Confused says:

    The dash cam video raises so many questions. I seriously hope the Troup County, GA Sheriff’s dept is re-evaluating their officer survival training after watching this. I will be using this footage as a training tool with the following observations.
    – Verbal commands do not stop people from shooting at you. Accurate well aimed return fire has been historically proven to get far better results.
    – The actor here exhibited a non-compliant and predatory mindset – it almost seemed as if the deputy was not emotionally prepared to interact with such an individual.
    – The press release describes how the deputy “retreated” it appeared more that he disengaged and fled the scene with all possible haste. I am not sure what motivated this, but regardless, it was not communicated effectively to other responding deputies who by all logic were responding to the scene of the shooting.

    This event evokes deja vu of the infamous shooting of Deputy Kyle Dinkheller, Laurens County, GA, killed in a shoot out with Andrew Brannan in 1998, used as a mindset training aid in law enforcement for the last 20 years.

    Thankfully this one had a far more positive outcome.

    • Mike Nomad says:

      Ok, not just me. Among other things, I too don’t understand why the Deputy left the scene.

      Clearly, the perp was off his nut (or meds). I might understand disengagement, but at least put your roller in place to completely block the driveway. That way, if the perp wants to get a little more uppity, you at least got something of a cork in the bottle.

      One more story that ends with, “And that’s why you have a carbine in the car.”

      Glad the Deputy got out of it OK enough.

      • Luke says:

        Me too. As the Deputy pulled into the gas station, he told dispatch he “wanted to make sure he wasn’t following me”.

        Were I a coworker or neighbor of the suspect, I’d be upset at the Deputy bailing out of there so fast, and, so far. We’re told he was injured, but he wasn’t injured so bad he couldn’t operate the vehicle and make SOME (insufficient, in my opinion) communications.

        I thought we’d see him stop at the first or second intersection and await backup or an ambulance. Then as he drove, I thought he was taking himself to the hospital (totally OK by me, if he felt his injuries were so bad he couldn’t continue the fight). But he just kept going. and going. That to me says he had quit the fight, and just wanted nothing to do with it. He’s lucky the suspect disengaged and didn’t pursue the fight, or overtake him while he was running away and execute him.

  2. mark says:

    The shooter appears to be using a .410 derringer.

  3. Gordon says:

    Glad to see the Deputy survive his encounter. As much as I would have liked to see him stay and fight, executing the Nike Defense was what worked for him.

    This incident shows just how important a warrior mindset is and hopefully their agency learns from it.

  4. Marcus says:

    Glad to see he’s ok and the vest did its job. It’s great to see all the comments in that regard.

    The only sad thing is that mook is still stealing my oxygen.