SIG Launches Website For Free P320 Upgrade

On the heels of the discovery of a flaw in the SIG P320 resulting in unintended discharges when dropped at -30° angle, they have announced a cost-free, voluntary upgrade.

You’ll need to send your pistol in for installation of new parts which will also require modification of the slide and frame.

For full details, visit


19 Responses to “SIG Launches Website For Free P320 Upgrade”

  1. Gerard says:

    Its an upgrade Not a recall, remember that!

  2. SLG says:

    I’m a huge Sig fan and am not a lawyer, but this is a big mistake on their part. You’d have to be a moron to not send your gun in. This will eventually bite Sig hard, as it should, given that they failed to take solid responsability. All recalls are voluntary – you can’t force people to relinquish their property (usually), but you can make it clear that their gun is unsafe and needs to be fixed, Many other manufacturers have done this over the years, and they are respected for it.

    • Globalist says:

      You gotta be kidding me….Glock very very quietly did an “upgrade” on their Gen1 guns when NYPD was about to drop them all and go to the Ruger in the 90’s. They “upgraded” the six parts for LE ONLY, and still to this day havent readily told the public about the recalled parts that will cause it to fire more than one round on a trigger pull. If you ever look in your Gen1 Glock and find black coated parts (Easy to see on trigger with trigger bar) it needs to have those parts replaced.

      And imagine that, Glock will send, next day air, the free parts kit to a Glock armorer to swap black coated parts out, no questions asked.

      And that STILL never became public….Glock did it way before SIG.

  3. Second Grade Math says:

    “Upgraded at no cost to you!!!!” like it’s an airline seat or something. Get the fuck out of here. How about “sorry guys, we’ll make your gun not shoot your own face if it gets bobbled at the range.”

    What gun company with Sig’s resources doesn’t do a multi-axis drop test in today’s litigation-happy world?

    Upgrade my ass. This is more classic Cohen Sig. CS is cheaper than QC, and let your customer pay you to beta test.

  4. TominVA says:

    I literally just bought one last week before I caught word of this! Oh well, I’ll send it in one of these days.

  5. Marcus says:

    It seems to me SIG is performing effective crisis management and doing all they can to back an issue potentially impacting a minuscule amount of their products. I’m a little unclear what some people want short of a crucifixion.

    • SSD says:

      They don’t know what they want. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

    • CAP says:

      I would assume most people want SIG to acknowledge that there is a safety issue with their product as issue a recall notifying their customers of the issue, as any sensible manufacturer would do.

  6. Gerard says:

    The basic rule of purchasing a new handgun is to wait a a full year for the company to get the bugs out

    • Second Grade Math says:

      How long has the 320 been out?

      Over a year.

      When did the shit storm happen?

      Last week.

      I am unsure how your plan would help this situation.

      • Gerard says:

        A year is an estimate, my point is dont remotely be in a hurry to buy a new design. Let’s hope the bugs are now worked out in the 320

      • SSD says:

        That is true. But remember, all kinds of firearms have issues.

        Expect another recall any day now. This doesn’t mean a company will go out of business. It just means that they didn’t anticipate everything that could come up based on usage they hadn’t considered. No one builds a firearm they know is unsafe, not in this day and age. The stakes are too high.

  7. SamHill says:

    Sig is done in the firearm community? Yeah right.

    I’ve been carrying, and shooting heavily, mine for almost 2 years now. It got dropped 1-2 times in 2 years, it did not fire. Seriously, does anyone drop their gun more than that?

    From their website:
    The P320 meets U.S. standards for safety, including the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) / Sporting Arms Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, Inc. (SAAMI®), National Institute of Justice (NIJ), as well as rigorous testing protocols for global military and law enforcement agencies.

    That’s good enough for me, I’ll just be extra, extra, careful not to drop it.

  8. kaos-1 says:

    I guess it’s just the advent of the “internet shitstorm” , but glock went through a few “voluntary upgrades” back in the early ’90’s.
    The only reason this has gone ape shit is because 1. The internet and 2. Because a “version” of the P320 was selected as the M17.