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Arc’teryx Norvan 14 Assault Hydration Vest

Designed for use as a runner vest, complete with a built-in, roll-top pack, the Norvan 14 Hydration Vest from Arc’teryx will debut in Spring 2018. It weighs just 415 g / 14.6 oz and is made from Warpknit mesh. The vest integrates mesh pockets which keep your gear secure, yet allow one handed access. Additionally, it comes with a 2 liter Source Hydration bladder and features adjustable straps to keep your load under control.

Officially, it’s called the Norvan 14 Hydration Vest, but no sooner did I get it out of the packaging than I realized the two front mesh pockets would accept magazines. Consequently, I’m calling it the Norvan 14 Assault Vest, due to its Black color, the standard color for assault vests up through the 1990s.

Remember, these mesh pockets were intended for soft flasks or GPS devices, but I found that I could fit a single 30 rd AR mag or 2 x 30 rd MP5 magazines in either pocket.

Here you can see the roll-top detail of the 14 liter integrated pack. It’s not waterproof, but rather highly water resistant.

Look for the Norvan 14 next Spring.


7 Responses to “Arc’teryx Norvan 14 Assault Hydration Vest”

  1. Paul says:

    You know, once you get Arc’teryx seriously about thinking about getting into the LBE game IT’S ALL OVER!

    • Horshack says:

      Yeah bro, just like Under Armour making shoes- lookout Nike! New sherrif in town! My TL has some Arcyterix gear and its grewat stuff. He got it late 90’s from a guard buddy from the war.

    • Chuck says:

      Very true… But the guy using a Crown Royal bag on the range one day as a joke won all the cool points. It was hilarious.

  2. d says:

    Gonna be an uphill battle trying to beat Ultimate Direction and Salomon in this category.

    • Luke says:

      Not untrue, but both companies have some weird myopias that keep them using the same feature sets and layouts a lot, I haven’t seen this exact mix of features from any of their products and I have to say the Arcteryx one appeals to me more.

      And never underestimate the dead bird logo’s ability to separate people from their money.

  3. You can get a lot done with just some water and mags. Not that a FAK, GPS, radio, pens, pad, food etc aren’t handy.

    Nicely modelled SSD jnr!