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Ask SSD –  Were There Army Special Forces In World War II?

Probably the easiest way to answer this question is with a graphic, prepared by the US Army Special Operations Command.

Click on image, to see it in better detail.

Army Special Operations has a rich history. In particular, several of these organizations form the lineage of current Army Special Forces units.

8 Responses to “Ask SSD –  Were There Army Special Forces In World War II?”

  1. miclo18d says:

    It would appear that 3rd Ranger Bn got shwacked at Anzio AND again on this diagram! Thanks USASuCk! (03OCT84!!!)

    We were always the bastards! But there was always opportunity to sit next to CSM L-G at the chow hall!

    You know why they called us the Flag Pole? Because FU! 😉

    • Jon, OPT says:

      A lot of units within commands didn’t make the chart, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th SFG (A) for example. It’s mostly milestones to establishing the first unit. A smattering if you will.

      • miclo18d says:

        You’re right! I saw 77th, which then became 7th so I went past the reserve SF, missed the AD SF Groups. They also talk Ranger Companies of Korea, but not LRRPs of VN.

        • Jon, OPT says:

          LRRP were division assets, and conventional units, not under a unified command if I remember right. That said, I think 75th has them in their lineage.

    • Steve says:

      CSM L-G is Da Man!! True Warrior who Leads the Way, he was a big role model and inspiration for me as a young Ranger. What kind of leader low crawls to formation? ‘Flip a coin, or flip each other!’ I still hear his bellow in my ears.

      • miclo18d says:

        Ahhh RANGER BUDDY!!!! How you doin?

        Me too. Wally Rakow was my PSG and L-G was the RSM when I was at 3rd. The legends that I got to grow up around!!!

  2. patrulje68 says:

    I was just glad they included the Alamo Scouts.

    • Jon, OPT says:

      I was at the ceremony inducting them into Army SF lineage, and making their members honorary members, same day as Ross Perot. An incredible unit, with training that was nothing but the basics, done to perfection.